The CampusCaRT is Reutlingen University’s multifunctional smart card. It has a number of different functions, including the following:

  • Student identity card
  • Library card
  • Making cashless payments in the Cafeteria (Mensa)
  • Payment card for soft drinks machines
  • Entry into particular rooms or labs
  • Payment card for copiers and printers
  • Reduced fares on public transport (Naldo)

Your CampusCaRT is only valid as long as you are registered (enrolled) at Reutlingen University. You can extend the validity of your CampusCaRT for a further semester by inserting it into one of the electronic self-service terminals in the foyer of Building 5.


How can I load credit on to my CampusCaRT?

There are terminals in the foyer of the Cafeteria building (Building 7) and also in the Learning Centre (Building 3) where you can load the desired amount of credit on to your CampusCaRT using your EC-card. You can also top up your credit in cash at the check-out marked “Barzahlung” (cash payment) in the Cafeteria.

What do I do if my CampusCaRT is not working properly, or if I have lost it?

Please come to the Student Office in Building 3, room 004 (ground floor) so that your CampusCaRT can be blocked. You can apply here for a new CampusCaRT; there is a charge of 15 EUR for this.