Finding and managing literature

Finding relevant literature and information

The University Library provides access to high-quality media from both German and international academic publishers and specialist information providers. Whether you’re looking for books, e-books, articles or technical standards, use our tools to quickly find what you need!

Library catalogue

Use the library catalogue to search through our inventory: both our electronic and our print resources. Please note: if you are looking for journal articles, please use EDDI or a suitable database.


In EDDI, you can simultaneously search through our library catalogue and some of our licensed databases to find books, e-books and journals, as well as the chapters and articles they contain.

Here's how to use it


The database information system (DBIS) lists all of the databases, sorted by subject area, that we have licenses for. You can use DBIS to find standards databases such as Nautos and the VDE-NormenBibliothek, statistics databases such as Statista or citation databases such as Web of Science.


The Electronic Journal Library (EZB) contains all e-journals that the library is subscribed to. Here, you can see whether we have access to the PDFs of a journal and, if so, for which publication period. Please note: if you are looking for journal articles, please use EDDI or a suitable database.

VPN – access anytime, anywhere

If you want to use our electronic media regardless of where you are, our Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the answer! Connect to the campus network to open the PDFs of e-books and electronic journals or to use EDDI and our licensed databases.

Still struggling to find what you need?

Our video course introduces you to the basics of searching for literature at your own pace and helps you to pick the right research tool. You can also sign up for our regular webinar “Searching for literature: the basics”.


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Procuring literature

Do we not have the publication that you are looking for? You can use the inter-library loan (ILL) function in the library catalogue to borrow the book or article from another library.

Inter-library loan


1,50 € per order

Delivery time

for a book: 1-2 weeks
for an article: a few days

E-mail notification

when the order has arrived at the Learning Centre

Standard loan period

4 weeks without the possibility of renewal

Or suggest that we purchase the publication!

Make a suggestion

Managing literature

Do you regularly lose track of good sources? Can you just not remember the rules of the citation style that you’re supposed to use? Literature management programmes are the solution:

  • Collect, organise and evaluate all your search results in one place
  • Automatically create references and bibliographies based on your chosen citation style
  • Maintain an overview
  • Avoid accidental plagiarism

With our campus license, university members can use the literature management programme “Citavi for Windows” free of charge. You can also get to know the programme in our course “Citing with Citavi for Windows”!

Get started:


Create an account

Set up a Citavi Account.


Install Citavi

Download the Citavi software. You can find the technical information here.


Log in

Click on the log-in symbol in the start window of the Citavi app and enter your username and password. Citavi uses the license data from your account to provide you with access.

Still unsure about searching for and managing literature?

Whether for your term paper, your thesis or a successful presentation: we are here to help you efficiently find relevant literature. We can help with topics such as:

  • Which search strategies should I be using?
  • How do I access the relevant full texts?
  • What databases are important for my subject?
  • How can Citavi support my academic work?


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