Management, Committees & Administration

President’s Office

The university is headed by the Presidential Board with a President, two Vice-Presidents and a Chancellor, the head of the administration. According to the Higher Education Act, the President represents the university and is the chairman of the Senate. He is elected for seven years, the vice-presidents - on the proposal of the president - for three years.

President of Reutlingen University

Assistant to the President of Reutlingen University

Vice-President for Studies, Teaching, Continuing Education

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Vice-President for Studies, Teaching, Continuing Education

Professor at ESB Business School

Director of Administration

Assistant to the Director of Administration

University Executive

For important core topics, the Executive Board also appoints Executive Board representatives from among the professors. These are:

DigitalisationProf. Dr. Debora Coll-Mayor
InternationalityHon. Prof. Baldur Veit
Sustainabilty and climate protectionProf. Dr. Sabine Löbbe
Organisational development and HRDProf. Dr. Petra Kneip
TransferProf. Dr. Günter Lorenz


The two important bodies at the university are the University Advisory Board and the Senate.

University Advisory Board

The University Advisory Board is responsible for the development and competitiveness of the University. Moreover, it supervises the management of the President’s Office and deals with further matters concerning its own management, such as the election of the President or decisions about its structure and development plan.

Christoph KübelChairman of the Board of Trustees of the Robert Bosch Stiftung with immediate effect

Agnes Heftberger

Managing Director Sales IBM Deutschland GmbH, Vice President Sales Germany, Austria, Schwitzerland (deputy Chairperson)

Prof. Dr. Tina WeberReutlingen University - TEXOVERSUM School of Textile
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Bauer

Director of Fraunhofer IAO

Axel Breitling

Chief Financial Officer CHT Germany GmbH

Christian O. ErbePresident IHK Reutlingen, Managing Partner ERBE Elektromedizin GmbH
Andreas HaffnerMember of the Executive Board – Human Resources, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart

Prof. Dr. Stephan Höfer

Reutlingen University - ESB Business School

Anke KanterReutlingen University - Deputy head Budget and Finances
Mark LangerCFO Douglas GmbH

Prof. Dr. Natividad Martínez Madrid

Reutlingen University - School of Informatics

Prof. Dr. Kerstin ReichReutlingen University – School of Engineering


The Senate is the elected University parliament which has the final say on, or must agree to, a range of different matters. It makes decisions concerning research, development plans, teaching and education and advanced training. The election of members to the University Management Team must also be approved by Senate.

Members in office with voting rights

President`s Office
President Prof. Dr. Hendrik Brumme
Director of Administration Alexander Leisner

Equal Opportunities Officer
Prof. Dr. Katrin Reblinsky

Elected members (for 4 years)

Academic staff
Prof. Dr. Rumen Krastev
Prof. Dr. Ralph Lehnert
Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Beyer
Prof. Dr. Rolf Daxhammer
Prof. Dr. Daniel Palm
Prof. Dr. Martin Schmollinger
Prof. Dr. Oliver Burgert
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Binder
Prof. Dr. Manuchehr Parvizinia
Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle
Prof. Dr. Katharina Rose

Non-academic staff
Thomas Handel
Baldur Veit
Verena Werdich

Students (for 1 year)
Katharina Bengard
Valerio Massari
Léonella Willer
Anna Maria Wittorf

Members in office with advisory vote

President`s Office
Vice President Prof. Arjan Kozica
Vice President Prof. Dr. Petra Kluger

Prof. Dr. Christoph Binder

Honorary Senators

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Goltermann
Andreas Kurtz
Dr. jur. Wolfgang Malchow
Andreas Renschler
Dr. Wolfgang Sannwald
Prof. Dr. Hans Jörg Tümmers


Anke Kanter
Prof. Dr. Stephan Höfer
Prof. Dr. Natividad Martínez Madrid
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Reich
Prof. Dr. Tina Weber

Ethics and SustainabilityProf. Dr. Bernd Banke
CultureProf. Henning Eichinger
Coordinator of Grants and AwardsProf. Dr. Hans-Martin Beyer
Excellence in EducationProf. Dr. Manfred Estler
Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis
Commission for Investigation of
Accusations of Scientific Malpractice

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anja Braun
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Münch
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gernot Schullerus

LiaisonProf. Dr. Jörg Naeve
Prof. Dr. Petra Groß-Kosche
Office of the Committee "Ombudsman"

Ombudsman für die Wissenschaft


The University administration is responsible for the smooth running of all processes within the University. The budget and finances, matters concerning study and students, human resources as well as legal affairs and organisation – all these are in the hands of the University administration.


Director of Administration

Director of Administration Alexander Leisner
Tel.: +49 7121 271 1010

Deputy Director of Administration Markus Dammler
Tel.: +49 7121 271 1077

Budget and FinancesPeter Bihler
Tel.: +49 7121 271 1040
Human ResourcesJochen Wurz
Tel.: +49 7121 271 1020
Student AdministrationRobert Linzenbold
Tel.: +49 7121 271 1060
Legal Affairs and Organisation

Markus Dammler
Tel.: +49 7121 271 1077

Facility managementKlaus Romer
Tel.: +49 7121 271 1200

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