Studierende während einer Gruppenarbeit
Studierende während einer Gruppenarbeit

From Abroad

Reutlingen University welcomes more than 80 nationalities from across the globe on campus. Join our community and be part of one of the best ranked universities of applied sciences (HAWs) in Germany. There are many opportunities to visit Reutlingen University. We welcome all who wish to study, do research, or participate in a work shop or laboratory.

Impressions of Reutlingen University

We’re glad that you‘re considering studying at Reutlingen University. Here at Reutlingen, we have a rich history, strong values, students from all over the world, an attractive campus, and so much more. Whether you come here as a full-time student, on exchange, or otherwise, studying at Reutlingen can enrich your life and offers a once in a lifetime experience.

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History of Reutlingen University

Why Choose Reutlingen?

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Student Life


Founded as a weaving school in 1855 at the initiative of the entrepreneurs of the nineteenth century, the city of Reutlingen and the Kingdom of Württemberg, Reutlingen University has gradually developed from a state school of engineering to a university of applied sciences.

With our large campus, it is now one of the most renowned academic sites in Germany. Over time, it has expanded to include more and more disciplines and today offers an academic home to students of life sciences, business administration, computer science, engineering and design as its five faculties.

Both then and today, the university is characterized by its internationality. Even in its early days, it was highly popular with technicians from Germany and abroad. Today, the university is home to students from more than 80 nations and has had several double degree programs in its portfolio since the 1970s.


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Our Values

  1. Ethics & Sustainability: Climate change, resource scarcity and global injustice pose major challenges to the environment, the economy, society and health. We therefore specifically prepare our students to assume entrepreneurial responsibility for sustainability, climate protection with innovative solutions, and to act ethically - because the students of today help decide how we will live tomorrow.
  2.  Equal Opportunity & Diversity: Diversity means the visibility and appreciation of all people, regardless of their origin, identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and age. At Reutlingen University, we have developed various concepts to ensure and express this very diversity.
  3. Internationality & Reutlingen University: At Reutlingen University, a wide range of international and intercultural offers such as stays abroad, language courses and international collaborative projects are anchored in the curriculum. Intercultural competence and language skills are promoted through a range of measures, both on campus and through mobility abroad.

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Internationality is an integral part of our university life. Accordingly, Reutlingen University cooperates with more than 200 partner universities worldwide and approximately 20% of our students are from abroad. Every semester, many students also go abroad to study or do an internship. To facilitate all this, the Reutlingen International Office (RIO) supports them on their way with language courses, advice on finding the right partner university and much more. 


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Active Student Life

Reutlingen has a very active Student Life. Everyone at Reutlingen University is invited to join clubs, play sports, participate in events.

Stupa, our student parliament, invites everyone to participate in student life. Making sure student voices are heard and putting on some of the best events on campus. Everyone is welcome to get involved!

Students4Students is a buddy program for international students. Want a buddy to help you get integrated in Reutlingen? Students4Students pairs you with a student already familiar with the campus and the city. They help with any questions you may have and take you on excursions in the near by area! A great way to get to know the area and meet new people. Making friends for a life time.

Take advantage of all that Reutlingen has to offer. Check out our Student Life page to find out how to get involved! Click here!  

Information for Students from Abroad

The following information will help you take the steps to set up your semester abroad at Reutlingen University. We will try to connect you directly to the websites of origin to make sure you get the most recent information and the valid input for your adventure here. From A ”Aufenthaltsgenehmigung” to Z “Zulassungsbescheid”, we try to translate the nitty gritty of Student life as best as we can.


If you are a degree seeking student and would like more information about your study program, please refer to your program coordinator for more information.

Application and Course Information

Whether you're a full time student or an exchange student, we want to provide you with the most relevant and up to date information that we can.  Here you can find information about application procedures, dates and deadlines, course information, and more. 

Application and Course Information

If you are an exchange student looking to come to Reutlingen, please reach out to the program advisor at your home campus for all relevant information about applying.

Are you looking to apply as a full time student in Reutlingen?  Check out our application page! Be sure to note all dates and deadlines!

If you have questions about what services and support Reutlingen offers, please check out our Services & Support page that can provide most answers . 

Below we have the all of the study modules offered by our five departments for exchange students, which is where you can find more indepth information about specific facualty exchange programs and course information. If you are a degree seeking student, please refer to your study program coordinator for more information.

The following list will refer you to the pages for exchange students in the respective study programmes. Course listings and module descriptions are provided as downloads:

General Information

There are a few things you should consider prior to and upon your arrival in Reutlingen. Among others, these include relevant information regarding health insurance, registration with the local authorities, opening a German bank account, or finalizing enrollment with Reutlingen University. For questions or concerns, you may always contact your study abroad advisor in your study programme or Reutlingen International Office (RIO)

General Information for Students from Abroad

Getting here from Stuttgart Airport

  • Take the eXpresso (Bus X3) to "Stadtmitte, Reutlingen" or use the Deutsche Bahn (DB)  to plan your trip from Stuttgart to Reutlingen ("Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe" to "Stadtmitte, Reutlingen"). All timetables are available on the DB website.
  • From Reutlingen Stadtmitte, take bus 4 to "Pestalozzistraße" if you are going to Theodor-Litt-Haus or Adolf-Reichwein-Haus
  • From Reutlingen Stadtmitte, take bus 4 to "Hochschulen" to arrive on campus/go to Reutlingen International Office (Building 3, Room 219.) or the dorms at Pestalozzistraße 41, 63, 65. All timetables are available on the DB website!

Please note: The dormitories "Kolpinghaus” and “Frauenwohnheim” are located in the city centre

Students are required by law to have health insurance. You will not be allowed to register with the university until you have provided proof of insurance. Please note: 

  • Under German law, a student’s private health insurance (whether foreign or German) may not put a limit to their benefits. For example, travel-insurance often includes a maximum payment of 30,000€ or 100,000 USD$ for medical treatment. This type of health insurance policy will not be accepted for enrolment; your policy must offer “unlimited” benefits.
  • Health insurance must cover both in-patient and out-patient treatment. If an excess (co-pay sum) is stated on the policy, this must not be higher than 5,000€. Other benefits included in the travel package (e.g. accident insurance or transport back home) may be limited to a certain sum.
  • Your enrolment at Reutlingen University will officially start on September 1st (winter semester) or March 1st (summer semester). Hence, you must provide proof of adequate health insurance coverage from the September 1st/March 1st until the final day of your stay (e.g. you arrive mid-September, so you must provide proof of health insurance for the whole of September to comply with rules of enrolment!). 
  • Without proof of valid health insurance, the enrolment procedure is incomplete and you will neither receive your student ID card, nor your login data for the university account. 

Please choose the option that best describes you

  1. EU student: Bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and have it verified by the health insurance. Upon completion, you should be exempted from having to purchase German health insurance.
  2. Non-EU student with insurance from home: Bring copies of any insurance cards and policies you may have (either in German or English) and get them checked by the health insurance. You will then be informed whether your insurance is acceptable or whether you must purchase German health insurance. Depending on
    your situation, you may be able to buy a supplementary plan that extends the coverage of your health insurance from home.
  3. Non-EU student without insurance from home:
    The DAAD provides relevant information on German health insurance. Take some time to research health insurance companies and their policies before you arrive and choose best suited to your needs. You can always speak with your coordinator here in Reutlingen or the RIO to help you select a provider or insurance plan. 

Students are required by law to register with the city at the Bürgeramt Reutlingen within 14 days of their arrival. Students participating in the intensive language courses will complete this process with help from the RIO. All other students will need to complete this process on their own. Required documents include: 

  • Passport or ID card (EU-citizens only)
  • Completed city registration form
  • "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" (landlord's confirmation). If you live in one of the student dorms on campus, this will be automatically sent to the city. Private renters should speak with their landlord and ask for said document. 

Once you leave Reutlingen (return home or move within Germany), ou must also de-register with the Bürgeramt a week prior to leaving. Bring your passport or ID (EU-citizens only) and the completed city de-registration form. 

Since credit cards are less widely used in Germany than in other countries and are not always accepted in shops or restaurants, we advise you to open a bank account, a "Girokonto" with a local bank in Reutlingen. Most of them offer free accounts for students under the age of 25 with an EC debit card (valid in most places and at most ATMs across Europe). You will need you passport, student ID, semester address and a phone numer to open an account; some banks may also request a confirmation of your registration with the city. While there are a number of banks downtown, the most closes to campus are the Volksbank (e.g. on Alteburgstraße) and the Kreissparkasse Reutlingen (e.g. on Alteburgstraße or in the city centre). 

There are three travel ticket options for Public Transport for students to consider. It’s up to the student individually to look up prices and decide which ticket is the best option for them.

  1. Semester Ticket-This ticket is only purchasable by students. It is only for the “Naldo” region. (Map available on Naldo Website) It’s valid for six months on regional busses and trains.
  2. Baden-Württemberg Youth Ticket-Only available for youth under the age of 18 and students under the age of 27 (offered to students who turn 27 within the semester), this ticket covers the entire state of Baden-Württemberg. It can be bought on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis and is only valid for regional trains and buses.
  3. Deutschland Ticket-Anyone can purchase this ticket, which covers regional trains and buses throughout all of Germany. Can only be purchased on a monthly basis.

Not every contract is right for you, and you might want to cancel e.g. your rental contract during your stay to move somewhere else. In most cases, however, you will not cancel your contracts prior to leaving Germany. When you do, make sure to consider the following:

Rental contract
This is one of the most important contracts to cancel upon leaving Germany. Make sure you have read through your rental agreement or spoken with your building manager or landlord to find out about the cancellation deadlines. If you live in a dorm, make sure to read up on the steps of moving out/handing over your keys.

All other contracts
In addition to your rental contract make sure to cancel all other contracts you have signed (internet, cell phone, bank, health insurance, etc.) on time. Contract termination in Germany usually has to be done in written form (preferably by post) and at least 4 weeks in advance. When in doubt, make sure to contact the company and find out about the exact termination conditions. If you are still unsure about the exact procedure, ask your student buddy for help. Pay special attention to the termination policy of saving accounts ("Sparkonto") and blocked accounts ("Sperrkonto") with German banks. Make sure you have made
 arrangements to unblock the account before you leave.

Visa & Residence Permit

Students from non-EU or -EEA countries require a student visa. This must be applied for at the respective foreign embassy before entering Germany. Important information on the procedure is also available on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. In addition, students from non-EU or -EEA countries and Switzerland also require a residence permit ("Aufenthaltsgenehmigung") from the Foreigners Office ("Ausländerbehörde") at Reutlingen City Hall. 

More Information on Residence Permits

In order to obtain a residence permit ("Aufenthaltsgenehmigung"), you will need to bring the following documents to the "Ausländerbehörde": 

  • completed application form, available at the City Hall (in German only) or the RIO (in multiple languages) 
  • your valid passport (with entry visa if necessary); must be valid for the entire period to be spent in Germany
  • a passport photo
  • proof of valid health insurance
  • proof-of-income document, confirming you are able to finance the whole of your study period in Reutlingen ("Finanzierungsnachweis")
  • scholarship certificates (where applicable; needed as original) 
  • certificate of acceptance at Reutlingen University ("Zulassungsbescheid") OR a certificate of enrolment ("Studienbescheinigung")
  • approx. 100€ (fee)


The university does not provide financial support, and students are required to secure funding themselves. If you are looking for grants or scholarships, please speak to your study coordinator in Reutlingen/at your home university. Please also note that housing is one of the major expenses whilst studying in Germany and that proof of sufficient financial resources is crucial for receiving a residence permit. You should be able to prove you have approx. 950€/month available for the duration of your stay.

Financing your studies (abroad)

You should be able to prove approx. 950€/month for the duration of your stay for housing and living expenses. You will also need to be able to pay the fees required by Reutlingen University. Please also note that proof of sufficient financial resources is crucial for receiving a visa or residence permit.

More Information

Reutlingen university generally does not provide financial support, and students from abroad are required to secure funding themselves. However, there are a number of ways to apply for financial support for your studies.

There are a number of scholarships available at Reutlingen University to support students during their studies. Good grades are an important factor for receiving scholarships and so are extracurricular activities (Ex. Being an active member of a club or society, community service, etc.) Get in touch with Reutlingen International Office (RIO) to find out which scholarship is best for you!

Banks offer a range of special loans to students irrespective of their parents’ income. The loans are intended to fully cover students' living costs for a maximum of 14 semesters, with monthly payments ranging from 100€ to 650€. At present, student loans are offered by the Kfw-Bank. For more information on regulations and work permits for international students and related topics, visit the DAAD.


There are different types of accommodation available on and off campus. Note that in Germany most student dorms consist of a private room, a shared kitchen, and shared sanitary facilities. If you would like to stay in a student hall, we recommend you apply for several halls to increase your chances of getting a room. To look for private accommodation, we recommend you take a look at the university's accommodation portal

Moving in & out of student halls

Before applying for a room in one of the student residences, please consider the following: 

  • Rooms are fully furnished
  • Rent includes utilities (water, electricity, etc.) 
  • Internet access is provided (either through the university network "eduroam" or an alternative network)
  • For every room, a security deposit and a key deposit must be paid
  • It is not possible to receive your keys and move into your dormitory room on a Saturday or Sunday. Please schedule your arrival accordingly and check your rental contract for specific information on moving into your room

We strongly advise you to send your applications to the student residences by December 1/June 1 at the latest. If you do not receive a room offer by the end of January/July, please contact your coordinator, so they can assist you in finding suitable housing. Note: It is your responsibility to actively approach us if you are still in need of a room.

Upon arrival to Reutlingen, students may purchase bedding from RIO. Please send an email to the RIO prior to your arrival to set up an appointment for pick up. 

  • Bedding includes: pillow, pillow cover, fitted sheet, duvet, duvet cover. Please note: These items only come as a set and cannot be returned after purchase. 
  • Price: 40€ to be transferred with the first month's rent

+++ Students living in Pestalozzistr. 41, 63 or 65 should speak with the building manager ("Hausmeister") about buying bedding +++

Other places to buy affordable bedding in Reutlingen include:

  • Möbel Roller (furniture store) on Föhrstrasse 1 (use bus 4 to get to the city centre; busses 1, 3 & 21 in the direction "Walddorfhäslach / Pliezhausen/Orschel-Hagen" run from bus stop "Listplatz/Hauptbahnhof" to "Schieferstraße"

This information is only for students living in dorm rooms. If you have private accommodation, please speak with your landlord about the moving out process.

  • Contact your building manager ("Hausmeister") to discuss your plans to move out. Usually, you are required to make an appointment with them to have your room inspected on the day you leave. Appointments should be made at least 2 weeks in advance and are only available during the week (Mo-Fri). 
  • Security Deposit
    • Make sure that you are handing over a well-cleaned room in good condition if you wish to receive the full security deposit back. Any problems in the room during your stay (like broken furniture) should be communicated to the building managers as soon as possible and NOT when you are leaving! If new damage is found by the building manager, the repair costs will be deducted from your security deposit. Generally, the security deposit will be transferred back directly to your bank account so make sure you provide this information on the sheet you receive when moving out.

Security deposit

  • You will only get the full security deposit back if your room is left in good condition (no damages, broken/missing furniture, etc.).
  • If new damage is found by the building manager, the repair costs will be deducted from your security deposit.
  • The security deposit will be directly transferred to your bank account, so make sure the information is provided on the sheet you receive when moving out.
  • If you paid a key deposit, ask the building manager if this amount will be transferred directly to your bank account, or if you will get it back in cash.
  • Students who received their contracts from the RIO should receive detailed information about moving out by email. These students will personally return their keys with the signed inspection sheet (provided by the building manager upon room inspection) to the RIO.
  • If you have a room located in the student resident halls of Studierenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim (Pestalozzistr. 41, 63, 65),  return your key directly to the house manager.

During your Stay

Reutlingen University is eager to help students make the most of their stay and to make "the Ländle" home. At university, you can find your own niche, connect with fellow students, get involved in student organizations or clubs and participate in a variety of activities (e.g. sports, music, creative workshops, language courses). 

Student Life More information

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In conclusion, studying abroad in Reutlingen has been a remarkable chapter in my academic journey, leaving an indelible mark on my personal and professional growth. My expectations have been met, as I didn't know I could experience so much while attending ESB.


Exchange student from San Diego State University

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Offers for International Students

We offer students a number of academic services:

Pre-Semester Course

The course enables students to develop their language skills and make the start of their studies and integration into life on campus as smooth as possible.

International Programmes

The attached video presents some facets of an international programme; you will find yourself in a classroom together with fellow students from all over the globe.

German as a Foreign Language

We offer pre-semester intensive courses in German, as well as language courses which run throughout the semester.

Workshops and Soft Skills

All courses and workshops found on the English page are suitable for students with little to no knowledge of German (levels A1-A2).


Reutlingen students help new first semester international students to settle in to life on campus.

Language Café

The Sprachcafé is not a language course, but a great opportunity to speak German with other students in a relaxed atmosphere!

Information for Others

Free Movers

If you would like to study with us as a Free Mover, please contact both your home university and the chosen study programme at Reutlingen University.

You would choose this study path, if there is no existing partnership agreement between your home university and Reutlingen University. This means you do not participate in any exchange program and organize your stay yourself. As a Free Mover you can receive ECTS credits and a Transcript of Records from Reutlingen University. Before you leave, clarify with your home university whether your academic achievements will be recognized and what other formalities you must observe (application for a semester off or similar).

Staff Mobility

Reutlingen University has established numerous bilateral agreements with universities all over the globe. Staff mobility to Reutlingen within Europe is financed by the sending universities; they are eligible for ERASMUS+ funding. Exchanges of staff beyond the borders of the European Union may be facilitated if institutional agreements within the international framework of ERASMUS+ are established. Please see the homepage of the sending institutions for more information.

More Information

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