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Continuing Education

Right from their inception, Reutlingen University and its Schools have relied on close cooperation with industry. These joint projects enrich both sides. They give the companies involved the opportunity to get in touch with future employees while they are still undergoing their training and to take their pick of excellent graduates. At the same time, Reutlingen University gains in attractiveness and guarantees that its education and training remain practice oriented.

Industrial Experience

The advanced training and education activities offered by the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University build on this approach and extend it further. The industrial experience of our academic staff and employees at the Knowledge Foundation helps our customers to develop advanced training programmes which are tailored to fit their needs quickly and efficiently.  This applies to our part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and Certificated Seminars in our specialist fields, as well as to other advanced training services generally.

Our clients in the area of advanced education and training come from three sectors:

  • Companies in industry and business
  • Companies and individuals from the field of health economics
  • Military personnel from the German Army who require advanced training

The Knowledge Foundation enjoys a good network of partner Universities whose competences can be integrated into our solutions, depending on the demands of the project.

Furthermore, we supervise the activities undertaken by Reutlingen University’s various Institutes. These Institutes are directed by renowned Professors from the University and offer specialised advanced training and educational programmes, events and coaching at the highest professional level. More information can be found on our homepage.

We look forward to hearing from you. New topics and challenges are exciting and enriching for us. And in case we cannot find the right solution for you, our network means that we can help you find the right contacts.