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The teaching and learning profile of Reutlingen University is designed to enable students to act professionally and responsibly in the modern workplace. It is characterised by student-centredness, value orientation, technology support, and the willingness to rethink teaching and learning as a whole. As instructors, students and staff, we shape the university together as a place of proactive, self-regulated, constructive and social teaching and learning.

Mission statement on teaching

In accordance with the educational mission, teaching is a key topic at Reutlingen University, to which we devote special attention within the framework of the current Strategy and Development Plan. This is reviewed and adapted every four years in a university-wide participatory process in order to formulate fundamental common principles and values for teaching, i.e. the mission statement on teaching.



Quality in studies, teaching & further education

We understand quality management as a strategic development task which thrives on the continuous implementation and review of organisational quality goals and quality-improving measures by involving all university members in the establishment of a joint philosophy. 

Our topics

The central quality management and the Reutlingen Didactics Institute support faculties and central institutions in all matters relating to quality development in studying and teaching. Please feel free to contact the Quality in Studies and Teaching Office


Reutlingen University evaluates all courses according to the requirements of the evaluation statutes.

Based on the central evaluation

  • survey procedures and contents are standardised where appropriate,
  • the process is made transparent for all involved,
  • the workload for both schools and instructors is minimised,
  • the collection of high-quality data is being guaranteed.

The aim of the course evaluation is to

  • to allow students to participate in designing their courses through feedback.
  • to give instructors an opportunity to optimise courses through student feedback and thus improve the students' learning outcomes.
  • Further information can be found in the Intranet

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The evaluation software Evasys can be used for various surveys in the area of quality in studies and teaching. The aim of the surveys is to obtain information about internal areas of improvement or to identify specific needs.

Depending on the purpose, the results of the surveys are compiled in reports and made available to the "client".

At Reutlingen University, all study programmes of the Schools of Informatics, Life Sciences, Engineering, Textiles and the continuing education institution "Knowledge Foundation" are programme-accredited. ESB Business School is system-accredited.

The Foundation "Akkreditierungsrat" (Accreditation Council) is responsible for all accreditation decisions. It is a joint institution of the federal states for quality assurance in teaching and studying at German universities. For further information, please visit the Intranet

Teaching support

Reutlingen University aims to support both instructors and learners in the design of teaching and learning settings. This support is provided by the Reutlingen Didactics Institute (RDI) for different target groups and on different topics.

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Study advice

Get ready to study! To help you transition from school or work to university, the university has formed the "suppoRT your studies!" team. Various activities prior to the start of your studies and throughout your first semester have been designed to help you brush up on your existing knowledge and to provide you with practical assistance.

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Graduate survey

Reutlingen University conducts an annual survey among graduates from the preceding examination year on their degree and professional career. For this purpose, Reutlingen University, like many other universities in Baden-Württemberg, commissions the Institute for Applied Statistics (ISTAT).

ISTAT Graduate Survey

Reutlingen University interviews all graduates in different ways:

  1. There are graduation surveys which all graduates receive after completing their studies and which are conducted by Reutlingen University itself.
  2. There is the annual survey of all graduates of the preceding examination year concerning their completed studies at Reutlingen University and their (professional) career. Reutlingen University and many other universities in Baden-Württemberg commission the Institute for Applied Statistics (ISTAT) to conduct this graduate survey.

This information is of great importance to the university and its quality management. The experiences of former students can significantly contribute to the further development and systematic improvement of the degree programmes.

Among other things, graduates are surveyed on the following topics:

  • Satisfaction with their studies at Reutlingen University
  • Career entry and current employment
  • Application of the qualifications acquired during their studies

In addition to the regular teaching evaluation and other surveys during and at the end of the degree programme, the graduate survey is another tool for quality assurance in studying and teaching and is operationally implemented by the Quality Management Office for Studies and Teaching.

Your data will be handled in accordance with the data protection declaration for the graduate survey

Since 2021, the graduate survey at Reutlingen University has been part of the nationwide "Kooperationsprojekt Absolventenstudien" (KOAB-Projekt) and is coordinated by the Institute for Applied Statistics (ISTAT). The KOAB project is a scientific research project in which more than 60 universities participate and in which the questionnaire of the graduate survey was developed.

Within the framework of the project, about 70,000 university graduates are interviewed annually about their career paths. Each participating university receives its own individual results and national comparative values.

Graduates of the examination year 2021 with a graduation date between 01.09.2020 and 31.08.2021.

This link will take you to the questionnaire via a data-secure and anonymous online access. You can take part in the survey using the personal access code provided in the e-mail cover letter. It is possible to interrupt the answering of the questions at any time and continue at a later time. The access code must be kept for this purpose.

The survey will be open until 14 February 2023.

The results and reports of the survey will be published here in an anonymised, condensed form after the survey has been completed.

Calls for proposals in teaching

Reutlingen University is committed to supporting innovative ideas and providing resources. For this purpose, the Reutlingen Didactics Institute (RDI) supports instructors in submitting applications for calls for proposals in teaching.


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The Central Quality Management for Studies and Teaching supports faculties and central institutions in carrying out evaluations, quality assurance analyses and optimising quality-relevant processes.

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