Reregistration & Leave of Absence

All students must reregister for each new semester, i.e. inform the University that they wish to continue with their degree programme, otherwise they will be deregistered. Reregistration is only possible within a specified period of time. Students who fail to reregister within this period can only reregister if they pay an additional default fee.

Re-registration period for the winter semester 2020/2021: 13.07. – 31.07.2020

Re-registration has to be done through a bank transfer. All further details have been sent to you via email.

More information on the topic of re-registration can be found in the guidelines.

Leave of absence

Students can apply for leave of absence for a semester if they have good reasons for doing so. This may include long-term illness, maternal or paternal leave, or another practical activity which furthers the aims of their degree programme.

International students who have paid tuition fees of EUR 1,500 can apply for exemption.Please find here the form for exemption from tuition fees.

More information on the topic of leave of absence can be found in the guidelines in the tool bar on the right (in German).