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Doctoral Scholarships

In cooperation with other universities, Reutlingen University offers doctoral colloquiums. Below is a list of scholarships available for them.

Services Computing Doctoral Colloquium

The University of Stuttgart and Reutlingen University offer 12 doctoral scholarships in their cooperative “Services Computing” colloquium.

The Services Computing doctoral colloquium creates a high-quality environment for outstanding Master’s graduates with very good grades in Informatics, Business Informatics, Software Technology or comparable subjects.

The colloquium’s research program is structured according to three major informatics themes (Enterprise Architecture and Applications, Data Management/Analytics, and Cloud Computing).

Academic supervisors define the individual student’s supervisory framework within the following areas:

  1. Cloud Management and Environments (Prof. Dr. Frank Leymann)
  2. Enterprise Services Architecture (Prof. Dr. Alfred Zimmermann)
  3. Distributed Computing (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Blochinger)
  4. Workflow Management (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dimka Karastoyanova)
  5. Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Bernhard Mitschang)
  6. High Performance Data Management (Prof. Dr. Ilia Petrov)
  7. Internet of Things (Prof. Dr. Christian Decker)
  8. Data Analytics (PD Dr. Holger Schwarz)
  9. Business Process Management (Prof. Dr. Martin Schmollinger)
  10. Data Engineering (Prof. Dr. Melanie Herschel)
  11. Mobile Computing (Prof. Dr. Natividad Martinez)
  12. Information Security (Prof. Dr. Frank Leymann, deputizing)

Send your application by 1 August 2016 by email including the following information/documentation in a single PDF file:

  • your knowledge/ experience to date
  • your interests and motivation
  • tabular CV
  • copies of certificates and degrees including grading scale
  • list of publications
  • experience in project work
  • outline (up to 2 pages) of your own ideas and how they may fit into one of the supervisory areas and main themes listed above

Information on the Scholarship

  • Scholarship winners are selected according to the guidelines provided by the relevant state law (Landesgraduiertengesetz) and the University of Stuttgart selection statute
  • Funding starts: October 2016, after presentation of the notice of approval (Bewilligungsbescheid)
  • Funding of up to 1,500 euros per month for up to 3 years, reapplication annually

We offer

  • the latest research topics of an interdisciplinary nature and great scientific and economic relevance
  • Supervision by a tandem of two supervisors
  • subject-relevant teaching and learning units which combine the strengths of the institutes involved
  • parallel qualification programs conducted by the University of Stuttgart Graduate Academy GRADUS
  • inclusion in the academic and social network of the institutes involved
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas with respected researchers and leading business and administration figures

Applicants must meet the requirements set out in the University of Stuttgart’s Faculty 5 doctoral degree regulations to be accepted into the Services Computing doctoral colloquium

From our doctoral candidates we expect:

  • outstanding performance in studies
  • a convincing interview with potential supervisors at the colloquium
  • active participation in seminar and colloquium sessions, and regular presentations of the state of the student’s research
  • independent communication and exchange of ideas with doctoral researchers and supervisors
  • publication of research results at relevant conferences and in the specialist scientific literature
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