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International Mystery Matching

Would you like to meet new people from all around the world at Reutlingen University and perhaps make some new friends, too? Why not register for the International Mystery Matching (IMM)?

With International Mystery Matching, students and employees can register on a platform and sign up for appointments. They indicate when and how often they would like to participate. Two days before the appointment, both participants will receive an invitation with the contact details of their match. It is up to the matched pair to decide what they want to do - go for a walk, have lunch together, meet for coffee, or whatever. The meetings can take place in person or virtually, depending on the situation. After the successful meeting, the participants will be then be matched with another person and so on. It is a great way to meet new people and get to know Reutlingen, too.

We are taking a summer break until 31 August. Registrations are still possible, but new matches will only be arranged again from September 2021.


Picture of Jana and Anton
Anton Medynsky (master’s student in Computer Science) from Ukraine met Jana Stumpp (bachelor’s student in Applied Chemistry) from Germany: "To have a great exchange experience it is necessary to get the opportunity to meet new people. I was glad to take part in IMM and to get a new friend, Jana, who introduced me to the German culture more than anyone else during my semester here."

Experiences of participants

For Yan Zhang (Bachelor’s student in International Management German-Chinese) from China, the IMM program was the ideal opportunity to "meet new people... (continue reading)

...despite the current Corona regulations" and test her German language skills in everyday life, she said. "Now I know one more person at the university and we can meet again and practice German together," she told her first match Maria Kanli (Bachelor’s student in Biomedical Sciences) from Germany. 

Amir Chavdarian, a Master's student in Mechanical Engineering from Iran, met Fares Diab from Syria (Bachelor's student in Biomedical Sciences) through the new programme and only had good things to say about it: ... (continue reading)

..."It was a really great experience. We talked about so many exciting things, including intercultural differences. And at the end of the day, I made a new friend thanks to International Mystery Matching Programme."

Emma Dudium and Samuel Kohorst (both International Management students), met several times after their first IMM meeting and got to know each other better. In the meantime, ... (continue reading)

...the two German students became a couple. "We would like to thank the International Mystery Matching team for their great work! We were matched in March 2021 and are now in a happy relationship. In addition, we have also been able to meet lots of other lovely people through IMM. This programme has given us a real ray of hope in these bleak times. As Albert Einstein said: Opportunities are to be found amidst difficulties."

Anna Skene-Hill from England (librarian in the Learning Centre) has met with both students and colleagues through International Mystery Matching. “Having only worked at the university for a couple of months... (continue reading)

...before the pandemic started, I’ve found it hard getting to know people in Reutlingen or even at the university. The IMM programme has made it possible to make contacts in different departments and meet like-minded people – I even went to the Hohbuch Café for the first time! Some of my matches wanted to practise their English and with others we spoke German, but whatever the language we’ve had some interesting conversations and I even found out about some of the interesting projects taking place both on- and off-campus”.

Anton Medynskyi from the Ukraine is a student at the Faculty of Computer Science. He was very happy that he took part in the new IMM programme last winter semester: "To have a great exchange experience... (continue reading) is necessary to get the opportunity to meet new people. I was glad to take part in IMM and to find a new friend, Jana, who introduced me to German culture more than anyone else during my semester here." He met Jana Stumpp in December on his very first mystery match. They arranged to go for a walk through the snow. For the Faculty of Applied Chemistry student, the chance to meet a fellow student was an enlightening experience, too: "Mystery Matching is a great way to meet new people from all over the world, especially in the current situation. You get new perspectives on people, languages and cultures, as well as meeting students from different majors that you would never have met otherwise."

Roman Goldman, International Business student from Israel, reports:

"My first International Mystery Match meeting went very well. I met with my assigned mystery match on a Saturday and we took a walk together through a park. Had an interesting talk with her and we learned a lot of new things about each other!
As an international student whose German was not so good at the beginning of my studies, I can only confirm that becoming part of the German student community at the university is not that easy. In my first two semesters, I only had friends who were also from abroad and very few German acquaintances. That's why I think offers like IMM are especially important to make it easier for us to get to know German students and to learn more about the culture and life in this country.
In general, I really like the International Mystery Matching. Besides ESB's Alumni Mentoring Program, through which I found my internship position, it is one of the most helpful projects at the university for me. I would like to thank the IMM team and hope that it can help many other international students, not just during Corona times, to feel comfortable in Reutlingen and to make new contacts."

What's next?

  • If you would like to participate in the International Mystery Matching, fill in the compulsory fields on the application form.
  • We will contact you two days before your selected date. 
  • If you have any questions about the tandem programme, feel free to contact us.

Who can join?

Anybody who wishes to make new (international) contacts and further their intercultural experiences can register for the international Mystery Matching: students, professors, lecturers and all other members of the university staff.


Last updated September 2021.
Since the implementation of IMM in November 2020, we have matched over 1100 pairs with participants from 35 nations.

Stay Connected

You can find more information about IMM and more testimonials on our Instagram account

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