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Active Participation

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Advisory Services

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How do I get to Reutlingen?

From Stuttgart Airport: 

  • You can take the eXpresso (Bus X3) to "Stadtmitte, Reutlingen" or use the Deutsche Bahn website to plan your trip from Stuttgart to Reutlingen. Enter the following values to view a timetable: "Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe" to "Stadtmitte, Reutlingen".
  • Once you arrive at Reutlingen Stadtmitte, take Bus 4 or Bus 11 to "Pestalozzistraße" if you are going to Theodor-Litt-Haus, Adolf-Reichwein-Haus. Take the bus (4 or 11) to "Hochschulen" if you are going to the Reutlingen International Office (Building 3 Room 219.), or the dorms at Pestalozzistraße 41, 63, or 65. You can also use the DB website/app to plan these trips.

Please note: The dormitories "Kolpinghaus” and “Frauenwohnheim” are located in the city centre.

From Reutlingen Main Train Station:

  • Take bus 4 (from bus stop "Unter den Linden") or bus 11 (from bus stop "Listplatz") to "Pestalozzistraße" if you are going to the Theodor-Litt-Haus, Adolf-Reichwein-Haus, or the Gästehaus/Aquarium.
  • Take the bus (4 or 11) to "Hochschulen" if you are going to the Reutlingen International Office (Building 3 Room 219.)

Please note: The dormitories "Kolpinghaus" and "Frauenwohnheim" are located in the city centre.

From other cities in Germany (for example Frankfurt): Use the Deutsche Bahn website to plan your journey to Reutlingen by train. Once you arrive at Reutlingen's main train station (Hauptbahnhof) follow the directions above to reach your final destination.

** Always on the go? Make traveling easier while you're here by downloading the free Deutsche Bahn (DB) app for Android and iOS **


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Bank Account

Having a bank account in Reutlingen will make your life a lot easier. Credit cards are less widely used in Germany than in some other countries, and they are not always accepted in smaller shops or restaurants. The most common ways of conducting larger monetary transactions are transfers (Überweisung) using transfer forms, or electronic transfers via the internet (online banking).

It is easy to open a current or checking account (Girokonto). Many banks offer students under the age of 25 a free account. Take your passport as well as your student ID, semester address, and phone number when you go to open your account. You will likely receive an EC debit card, which is valid in most places and at ATMs throughout Europe (with fewer fees, perhaps, than using an Asian or North American card).

A lot of banks are available downtown, though most students choose either the Volksbank, located very close to campus on Pestalozzistrasse, or the Kreissparkasse Reutlingen on Alteburgstraße or in the city centre. Most banks are open 9:15 am - 12:30 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Some banks request a confirmation of your registration with the city before opening a bank account.

Some banks request a confirmation of your registration with the city before opening a bank account.

Buddy programme / Students4Students

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Campus-PoRTal and HIP

There are multiple important things that can be done through the Campus-PoRTal. One of the most commonly used functions is printing a confirmation of enrolment at Reutlingen University.

Printing a confirmation of enrolment:

  1. Click here to visit the Campus-PoRTal website
  2. Log in
  3. Click on the top for „English“
  4. Click „My Studies“
  5. Click „Student Service“
  6. Click „Reports“
  7. Choose pdf file „Immatrikulationsbescheinigung“
  8. Save & print the document

 ** Enrolment certificates are only valid for the current semester**

Examination registration is done via HIP (Hochschul-Informationsportal).

Career Services

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Central Study Advisory Service (ZSB)

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Centre for Entrepreneurship

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City Registration

** For those staying longer than 3 months **

Upon arriving in Reutlingen, you must register with the city. Anyone living in an apartment/dorm room is required by law to register with the city (Burgeramt) within 14 days of their arrival. Note: Students participating in the intensive language courses will complete this process with help from the RIO. Otherwise, you will need to complete this process on your own.

Bürgeramt Reutlingen

Address: Marktplatz 22, 72764 Reutlingen

Telephone: 07121 303 5577

Opening Times

Monday8 am - 12:30 pm
Tuesday8 am - 12:30 pm

8 am - 12:30 pm

2 pm - 4 pm


8 am - 12:30 pm

2 pm - 6 pm

Friday8 am - 1 pm

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • ID card (EU Citizens only)
  • Completed city registration form
  • "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" (landlord's confirmation) (see tips below)


If you live in one of the student dorms on campus, a "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" will be automatically sent to the city. 

Private renters should speak with their landlord (Vermieter) and ask for a "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung".

Costs / Financial Matters

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De-Registration with the City

Before leaving Reutlingen, you must de-register with the city a week before you plan to return to your home country or leave for your next destination.

If you will be staying in a different city in Germany, you must still notify the city but you will need to fill out a different form for moving (“Umzüge”).

 Required documents:

  • Passport
  • ID card (EU citizens only)
  • Completed city de-registration form


Bürgeramt Reutlingen

Marktplatz 22
72764, Reutlingen
Telephone: 07121 303 5577

Opening Times

Monday8 am - 12:30 pm
Tuesday8 am - 12:30 pm

8 am - 12:30 pm

2 pm - 4 pm


8 am - 12:30 pm

2 pm - 6 pm

Friday8 am - 1 pm
Doctors / Emergencies

Fire & Medical help: 112
Police: 110
Reutlingen Hospital: 07121 2000
Accidental Poisoning: 0761 19240
Reutlingen International Office (RIO): 07121 271 1006

Closest Emergency Pharmacy: Click here to access the pharmacy locator

** Please be aware that whilst these doctors will generally speak good English, their receptioniscts may not be very fluent **

General Medicine

Dr. Med. Klaus Neubert
Hermann-Ehlers-Str. 8 (near campus)
Tel: 07121 239 939


Dr. Hansjörg Stotz
Unter den Linden 16 (city center in the Media Markt building)
Tel: 07121 346 076


Dr. Med. Eva Hunns
Kaiserstr. 11 (near the train station)
Tel: 07121 457 55 

Email Account

When you register at the university you will receive your student card with your all-important student ID number (Matrikelnummer). You will need this number to gain access to the computer labs and to set up your university email address. You will need this email address in order to receive information from lecturers, to sign on to the online learning platform, and to register for exams, so you must set it up and check it regularly, even if you continue to use your usual private email account with another provider as well.

More information about your university email can be found here.


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Events and Culture

For cultural events on campus please see here

Are you on the search for some adventures or new experiences? The Student Parliament (STUPA) offers different trips like skiing and snowboarding, paintball, laser tag, going to rock climbing/bouldering gym, and many more!

To check what's on the schedule for the semester, we recommend reading the MiMa (Mittwoch-Mail / Wednesday Mail) which you should receive every Wednesday through your Reutlingen University E-Mail account. Another option is to go directly to the StuPa office (Room 5-019) and simply ask what events are coming up.

Furthermore, Reutlingen offers a wide range of other cultural events, sights to see, and places to visit. Here are some of our recommendations:


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German Language

Have no fear, the RIO and IfF are here! 

Whether you are a beginner or already have an advanced knowledge of German, Reutlingen University offers courses for you. While most courses are taught in German, we also offer certain courses in English as well.

Intensive German courses

You will most likely take part in one of the intensive German courses before the semester actually starts. These courses usually last around 3 weeks and will help kick-start your language learning. On “orientation day” you will be given a placement test which will determine your level (A1-C2). You can then use this level to select the right German courses for you. For more information about the intensive courses, click here.

German language courses throughout the semester

The IfF offers a wide variety of German courses that you can take. These range from courses for absolute beginners all the way up to advanced courses for students who are working towards becoming fluent and/or wish to complete an internship here in Germany. Make sure you only register for courses that are appropriate for your particular language ability. For a list of the German courses currently being offered, click here.

Informal ways to improve your German:

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes
  • Practice speaking German with other students as much as possible
  • Join the tandem programme
  • Read German books, magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • Talk to Germans and make the effort to befriend some of the German students
  • Listen to German music
  • Watch German TV, YouTube videos, news, movies, etc.

Looking to learn another language besides German? Take a look at the EnglishSpanish, and other foreign language courses we offer!


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For more information about the tv- and radio-licence fee (previously known as GEZ) please click here. Make sure to view or download the PDF "Information for Students".

Health Insurance

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Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF)

The Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF) of the International Office offers language courses for all students at the University. These include courses in German as a Foreign Language for international students, as well as courses in a range of other languages.

International students are welcome to join a language course organised by the IfF. However, if you have no knowledge of German, you may find the beginners’ classes difficult to follow, as explanations of grammar are usually given in German. You should talk to your programme coordinator before signing up. ECTS credits are awarded in most cases.

The semester-long courses in German are offered at all levels from Beginners to Advanced. A preparatory course for the TestDaF exam and online courses are also available. ECTS-Credits are awarded for most of these courses.

The IfF also offers a number of workshops in both German and English, which are open to all students. Topics covered include:

  • Writing applications and CVs, interview techniques
  • Study techniques (e.g. academic writing, presentations)
  • Intercultural issues

For students who are keen to improve their foreign language skills on a more informal level, the IfF offers a system of Tandem Partnerships, whereby students work together with a learning partner from another country. Each partner teaches the other his / her native language.

Individual guidance on writing in German is also available from the IfF.

Intercultural Communication

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Internship / Job

Jobs / Work Permits

Students from EU states do not need a work permit to work in Germany. Non-EU students are allowed to work 120 days (or 240 half-days) per year, excluding time spent in a compulsory internship / industrial placement. Those who wish to work longer will require a work permit from the Federal Employment Agency and the Aliens’ Registration Office. Depending on the type of job you find, the number of hours worked and the amount of money earned, you may be liable to pay taxes and social security contributions.


German commerce and industry have an enviable system of internships (industrial placements) of which we at Reutlingen University take full advantage. Almost all our own students have to complete one or two six-month internships during the course of their degree programme. We have excellent relationships with a large number of German and international companies that regularly take our students as interns. The individual Schools will be able to assist you as an international student in obtaining an internship, if required. However, we do not arrange these internships for you: students are responsible for applications, documentation, and arranging interviews where necessary. This can be quite a long process, and cannot sensibly be started until students are actually here in Reutlingen. Check that your visa will allow you to complete an internship!

For help with applications: Ask about workshops offered by the IfF/RIO and by the Career Centres in the individual Schools.

Language Courses

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Language Requirements

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Reutlingen University STUPA - Diversity Council 

The Student Parliament Diversity Council specifically supports students from the LGBTI community. To improve inclusion and raise awareness, we organise several events each semester, and all university students are invited to join in. These events include both professional workshops with partner companies (e.g. Diversity Workshop with McKinsey & Company), as well as social events such as going on a hike or to the movie theatre. You do not have to sign up and you are welcome to join by yourself or with a group of people. If you are interested in our events, please check the weekly MIMA (student mail issued by ASTA) for more information. If you have any questions regarding the STUPA Diversity Council, or want to get to know us better, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to All messages are treated confidentially.


The University Library is located in Building 3. Students can use their student ID to borrow books and other media. The Library provides not only German-language materials but also international press and literature, as well as a number of internet work-stations. For more information, please click here.

Reutlingen City Library is one of the best in Baden-Württemberg. It offers a wide range of books and other media in German and other languages. When you go to register there, please take your passport and student ID, as well as your semester address with you.
Opening times: Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 7 pm; Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm.                              For more information, please click here.

Tübingen University Library is located at Wilhelmstr. 32 and is open                        Monday - Friday from 8 am - Midnight; and Saturday - Sunday from 10 am - 10 pm.

Mensa/CafeteriaNaldo/Public Transport

Please note: Information on the linked websites may only be in German.

What's the Naldo semester ticket?

All students enrolled at Reutlingen University are able to buy the NALDO semester ticket. All you need is proof of enrolment to be able to purchase the semester ticket.

How much does it cost and how long is it valid?

approx. €110 per semester

  • Winter Semester Ticket: 1 September - 28 February
  • Summer Semester Ticket: 1 March - 31 August

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase your ticket online, at Papeterie Tran, or from the "Reisezentrum" (travel bureau) inside the main train station in Reutlingen.

How do I use it?

The Naldo semester ticket is only valid in combination with a student ID card and can be used for travel by bus and/or train (except IC/ICE trains).

How far can I go?

You can travel anywhere inside the Naldo region without additional costs. Outside of this region, other travel rates apply which must be paid for separately for frequent rides with a NALDO extension semester-ticket.

You can find out more information about other Naldo extension tickets for individual rides here.
Orientation Week for International Degree Seeking Students

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Period Abroad

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Printers/photocopiers are available in many places on the campus, although not in the student residences. Your student ID card functions as a copy card—use the terminals provided in the entrance hall of the cafeteria to upload credit onto your card. You can also use the Printing Centre in Building 5 (rooms U04 & U05).

Recycling and waste management

Germany’s system of waste disposal is one of the most progressive in the world and may be very different to what you are used to in your home country. It can be quite complicated at first, so ask a friend or neighbour to help with your first time separating trash!

Garbage is separated into five categories. Bins are provided in your dormitory for waste materials no. 1-4:

  1. Altpapier: a box for old paper and cardboard for recycling. NOT for soiled pizza boxes etc.
  2. Biomüll (bio-degradable materials): all food leftovers (remove packaging!), including food that is spoiled or rotten; coffee filters, tea bags, egg shells, paper towels, flowers and potted plants.  DO NOT line the Biomüll waste bin with plastic bags.  Instead, place old newspaper in the Biomüll bin and use this also when you put old Biomüll into containers on the street.
  3. Gelber Sack (plastic and similar recyclables): a yellow garbage bag for disposing of food packaging, plastic and aluminium items.
  4. Restmüll (non-biodegradable materials): everything else, except glass.
  5. Glas (glass): large recycling containers for various colours of glass can be found in the car park next to the "Penny-Markt" supermarket, but not in the dormitories.

 Please do not throw your glass or other recyclable items into the Restmüll.


RELAX is Reutlingen University's learning platform. You will use it to register for courses, receive important updates such as class cancellations, and much more. 

For more information, please click here.

Ready to log in to RELAX? If so, then please click here.

Religion on Campus

The Protestant and Catholic Student Ministry (EKHG) attempts to find and live by modern forms of Christian faith, and offers help and advice to students on both academic and personal matters. The EKHG offers workshops about how to develop and improve the important soft skills one needs when studying, in one's career, and in one's private life.

The group supports student matters and initiatives; it offers help, advice, and companionship in emergencies and personal crises. Upon request, they can arrange contact with German familites for foreign students and faculty members.

The EKHG is facilitated by the Protestant and Catholic Church. For more information please click here.

There is a Meditation and Prayer Room (Raum der Stille) for members of all faiths and denominations on the ground floor of building 20 (room 017).

Re-registering at the University

If you spend more than one semester at Reutlingen university, you will have to re-register for each subsequent semester. You must do this before the deadline, otherwise you will have to pay a fine (a reminder will be sent to you, but in German only). View the deadline. Re-registration (Rückmeldung) simply involves paying the appropriate fees, and can be done either by bank transfer or online using your Campus CaRT. 

If you re-register online, you must have a German bank account from which the University is entitled to debit your fees. Online re-registration has the advantage that it is effective instantly, whilst a traditional bank transfer may take up to 10 days. With online re-registration you can immediately download all the certificates you need for the coming semester and also extend your Campus CaRT's period of validity.

Access Campus-PoRTal and complete re-registration

Residence Permit

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Reutlingen City

Find more on this topic here.

Reutlingen University

Find more on this topic here.

Semester Dates / Calendar

Winter Semester: Beginning of October
Summer Semester: Beginning of March

Semester dates are available in our university calendar. Please be aware that some degree programmes in the ESB Business School (e.g. IMX, IB) have different semester dates starting and ending earlier than study programmes of other Schools.

Services / Offers for International Degree Seeking Students

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Shops in Germany are open Monday to Saturday (excluding holidays), and most close at the latest at 8pm, however, some may close as early as 6:30pm. Almost nothing except restaurants and gas stations is open on Sundays, so plan meals ahead and purchase enough food for the weekend. Banks, public offices, etc. are also closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Shopping near campus
"Penny-Markt" is the closest grocery store to campus. It is at the lower end of Pestalozzistrasse near the bus-stop "Pestalozzistrasse". On Friedrich-Naumann-Strasse, which leads off from Pestalozzistrasse right by the Penny-Markt, there is an "Edeka" Supermarket (no. 36). Edeka has a wide selection of food for slightly higher prices, and includes a deli with a variety of meats, sausages and cheese, and a bakery. Across the street is Edeka's "Getränkemarkt" (beverage store). Metzgerei Marx (Friedrich-Naumann-Str. 11, near the Edeka) specialises in international foods.

Shopping in the city centre
In the city centre you will find an array of different shops. Galeria Kaufhof is a big department store where you can buy clothes and household items (opposite the main train station). MediaMarkt (behind the train station) offers a wide range of electronic products, media, and computer devices.

Reutlingen's pedestrian zone offers dozens of stores in a friendly, bustling European marketplace. Every Tuesday, Thursday (in summer), and Saturday morning there is an open-air farmer's market in the centre of town on the market place in the pedestrian zone. Other facilities in the pedestrian zone include a bookstore, the Müller Galerie (Reutlingen's shopping mall), bakeries, clothing stores, banks, restaurants etc.

Opening times of some local shops:

  • Penny-Markt: Mon - Sat: 7:30 am - 10 pm
  • EDEKA: Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 7 pm; Sat: 7:30 am - 6 pm
  • EDEKA Getränkemarkt: Mon - Sat: 8 am - 7 pm
  • Real: Mon - Sat: 8 am - 10 pm

The main Post Office is located close to the train station.                                                 Opening times: Mon - Fri: 9 am - 6:30 pm; Sat: 9 am - 1 pm.

Alternatively, the AGIP gas station in Gustav-Schwab-Strasse close to campus includes a post office branch (open Mon - Fri: 8 am - 6 pm, Sat: 9 pm - noon).

Shopping around Reutlingen:

Betzingen, one of the suburbs of Reutlingen not very far from campus, has a large shopping centre with furniture and household items, called "Braun Möbel Center" (take regional bus 7611/10, direction of Tübingen). 

Metzingen, a town nearby easily reached by public transport, is famous for its many upscale outlet stores.

For wider selections and other specialities, go to Stuttgart and walk through the pedestrian zone on Königsstraße.


If you are interested in doing sports while abroad, don’t worry! Reutlingen has a whole list of sports from A-Z to offer its students. In cooperation with the Reutlingen sports club TSG, Reutlingen University is able to offer a variety of different sports courses throughout the semester that you can participate in. Most (but not all) activities take place in building 11.  You can find a list of all sports activities here. Most sports are free of charge for students studying at Reutlingen University.

For Germans, it is common to sign up at sport clubs, but since you might only stay for 6 months or less, we don’t recommend this option for you. However, if you stay for one year or more, a local sports club may be an alternative option for you to look into. Please keep in mind that these clubs often come with membership fees.

If you are interested in going to a sports club here some offers:

TSG Website

List of sports activities in Reutlingen
Click on the sport you want to do, then a new website will open and you will either find links that guide you directly to the website or the name of the sports club which is offering the activity. It is best to ask some German friends, or the RIO staff in case you have trouble understanding.

General sports and leisure website of Reutlingen

Gyms: Sometimes gyms offer student prices. There is also the opportunity to get a coupon from the StuPa which grants you special prices or additional features (for example access to the sauna) at the gym. You can get the coupon at the StuPa office located in building 5, room 019.


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Student ID Card

Your student identity card can do more than you think! Click here to uncover the power and importance of your Campus CaRT.

Student Reports

Here you will find some interesting student reports about their experiences at Reutlingen University.

Students4Students / Buddy Programme

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Study Workshops

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The smaRT Project

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TV-/radio-licence fee

For more information about the licence fee (previously known as GEZ) please click here. Make sure to view or download the PDF "Information for Students".


Find more on this topic here.

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