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Foto im Header:Hochschule Reutlingen (RIO)

Destination: Reutlingen

Reutlingen University welcomes a large number of international students every year. There are more than 80 nationalities represented on our campus, a real enrichment for our student body. Some of these international students are here in Reutlingen for just one or two semesters as exchange students, and are taking courses either in German or in English, depending on their programme. Others are here for the whole of their studies; most of our programmes are taught mainly or only in German, so these students need an excellent command of the German language.

Updated Information about the arrival procedures and behaviour during Covid-19 times

The current situation is new and unfamiliar to all of us. It is throwing up a lot of questions, some of which we can already answer, while we are ourselves still seeking solutions for the others. It is very important to us to find pragmatic and constructive solutions in order to offer the best possible protection for the health of the members of our university, whilst at the same time making it possible for you to have a programme of studies which is as “normal” as possible in spite of the current conditions. Nonetheless we cannot exclude the possibility that new regulations and paths which we have chosen will lead to inconvenience and additional work for you. We are trying to minimise both of these for you as far as possible.

The following link will lead you to some questions and answers which have reached us in the past few days.

We will be updating the list continually. Information via the following link is given in both German and English. Please check this link frequently.

We will provide you with updated information about the situation for arrival and testing procedures and more on this webpage after April 10th 2022.


Corona update on Virus Variant Areas

An updated information concerning study and research stays of citizens from areas of virus variants of concern during the 2021/22 Winter Semester reads:

Entry from virus variant areas

For people who are in so-called virus variant areas ( with a particularly high spread of mutations of the virus, transport to Germany and entry in accordance with the Corona Einreise Ordinance are currently fundamentally prohibited. This also applies to those who are fully vaccinated. Exceptions are only possible in very few cases, for example for people with residence and right of residence in Germany. 

For students and scientists from virus variant areas, this means that a face-to-face study or a research stay in Germany for the winter semester 2021/2022 cannot currently be guaranteed. Please note that entry is not possible even if the German university has already confirmed a place to study: Since entry is not possible, no visas can be issued as long as a country is considered a virus variant area.



Reutlingen International Office (RIO) - What we offer

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