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University glossary

From A to Z: Here you will find explanations of the most important abbreviations used at the University.    

Alumni – Graduates, students who have completed their studies

AStA – General Students‘ Committee, Chairmanship of the Students‘ Parliament

BSCW – Online platform for project and document management

CampusCaRT – Student card of Reutlingen University, is at the same time the library card and payment card in the Mensa.

CaRe – Student bar on campus (next to the Mensa)

Career Services – Contact point for career questions

Curriculum – Syllabus/teaching plan in a degree programme

Dekanat – Office of the Dean, management and administrative unit of the School, headed by the Dean  

ECTS – European Credit Transfer System, credit points which are awarded in addition to grades and which measure the time required for a course (preparation, attendance, follow-up)  

ekhg – Protestant and Catholic Student Community Reutlingen  

Fachschaft – Student Committee, consisting of students from all semesters of a School, is committed to supporting student interests   

Fakultät – School, organisational unit of the University: There are five schools: Applied Chemistry, ESB Business School, Informatics, Engineering and Textiles&Design  

HIP – University Information Portal, here you can manage address data, register for exams, view grades and print out certificates  

HIWI – Student assistant at a university  

IfF – Institute of Foreign Languages   

Kommilitonen – Fellow students

Learning Centre – Consolidation of the library and the IT services under a single roof

Matrikelnummer – Matriculation number, identification number which every student receives – is printed on the CampusCaRT   

Modul – Module, includes lectures, exercises, internships and seminars of a sub-discipline

Oikos – Student initiative for sustainability   

Präsidium – University Management Team, consists of the Director of Administration, the President and Vice-Presidents and manages the University  

RELAX – E-Learning portal of Reutlingen University

RIO – Reutlingen International Office

RRI – Reutlingen Research Institute

Rückmeldung – Re-registration. Students must re-register every semester by transferring the semester contribution in order to continue their course

Semester – At university a calendar year consists of two semesters (summer and winter semester)  

Service Desk – Contact point in the Learning Centre for all issues concerning library and IT services

SSC – Student Service Centre

StuPa – Student Parliament, highest student body  

StuPro – Study and Examination Regulations, includes important rules and information related to studies 

Urlaubssemester – Leave of absence, in the case of prolonged illness, parent leave or an internship, students can apply for leave of absence  

ZSB – Study Guidance Centre

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