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How much does it all cost?

The State of Baden-Württemberg introduced tuition fees for international students to pursue academic studies. The tuition fees amount to 1,500 EUR per semester. Please find further information here. In addition you have to pay a Semester Contribution of 167.30 EUR per semester to study at Reutlingen University. The Semester Contribution is made up as follows:

The Social Fee

The Social Fee of 82.80 EUR is paid directly to the Studierendenwerk Tübingen Hohenheim, the Student Services organisation which also covers Reutlingen University. Payments are made at the start of each semester when you register or re-register. For students enrolled in the bachelor programme Digital Business or master programme Digital Business Engineering at the Herman Hollerith Zentrum (HHZ) in Böblingen the fee is 101,00 EUR.

Students who are in an internship semester, an international study semester or are on leave of absence from the University also have to pay this Social Fee

Reimbursement of the Social Fee

If you leave the University within two weeks after the start of the semester, or if you do not register (enrol) at all in this period, you can apply directly to the Studierendenwerk to have your Social Fee reimbursed. Your application for reimbursement must reach the Studierendenwerk by the end of the month, and you must include with it confirmation that you have left the University and/or that you have paid your Social Fee.

If you leave the University later than this, your Social Fee can only be reimbursed if you can show that you have enrolled at another university. In this case the application must be received by the end of the second month of the semester at the latest.

Administration fee

The Baden-Württemberg State Law on Fees in Higher Education -Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (LHGebG) – states that the Administration Fee of 70 EUR must be paid in order to cover the cost of the services rendered by the University.

These include in particular

  • Enrolment (registration)
  • Leave of absence
  • De-registration (exmatriculation): removal from the University register
  • Central Student Counselling.

The Administration Fee is due when you register or re-register. You will not receive a letter notifying you about this.

STUPA logo
Contribution for the Constituted Student Body

Reutlingen University’s Student Parliament receives a contribution of 14,50 EUR. This money is used directly for the benefit of the students.

The Student Parliament represents the interests of all students. It charges a contribution of 14,50 EUR and uses this money to finance the following:

  • Expenditure for various events
  • Committee work (Sport, Culture, Communication etc.)
  • Administrative costs

This regulation comes into effect at the start of the Summer Semester 2014.

Reimbursement of the Contribution

If a student has already paid the Semester Contribution, but then does not take up his or her study place, the Contribution will be reimbursed by the Constituted Student Body (Verfasste Studierendenschaft). In such cases students must make sure that their claim reaches the Constituted Student Body within one month.

Tuition fees are charged for the Masters programmes MSc International Management, MBA International Management Full-Time and MBA International Management Part-Time, you can download the information in the tool bar on the right. Special regulations apply in these cases.

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