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Your enrolment

You have been accepted to a degree programme and have received your admission letter? Congratulations! Now there is only one big step waiting for you before you can start your studies: enrollment.

Simply fill out the application for enrollment which you can download from the application portal in the "to my application" section. you must then submit the completed application along with the requested documents to the university within the period specified in your admission letter.

In general, all applicants for Bachelor’s programmes in Baden Wurttemberg have to take the Aptitude Test known as the Selbsttest zur Studienorientierung, which is an important part of your application process. This test will help you to recognise your personal interests and strengths and so choose the degree programme which is right for you. The test is free of charge, simply go to (in German only).

When you have completed the test you will receive an evaluation of your results, and also a certificate confirming that you have taken the test; you must send in this confirmation certificate together with your other documents when you apply for a Bachelor’s programme. Please note: This regulation does not apply to applicants for the programmes International Business and International Management.

Where do I have to hand in my registration documents?

You can hand your documents in directly to the Student Office (StudienServiceCenter) (Building 3, Room 004), or you can send them by post to

Hochschule Reutlingen
Admission Office
Alteburgstraße 150
72762 Reutlingen

Where do I get the certificate about my health insurance?

It is compulsory for students in Germany to have health insurance. Every student must contact a statutory insurance company before registering at the university in order to obtain either a certificate of health insurance or a certificate of exemption. This will be sent electronically by the health insurance company directly to the university. Students who are not insured through a provider in their home country can purchase health insurance from a German company. You can find an overview of all statutory health insurance companies here:

Students from EU countries should bring a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), available from your health insurance company at home. If you show this card to a German statutory health insurance company they will send the confirmation electronically to the university.

Students from non-EU countries must also provide evidence that they have health insurance. This may be in the form of a health insurance certificate or card from your health insurance provider at home. If you show this card or certificate to a German statutory health insurance company they will send us notification of your health insurance status electronically.

If you are studying in Reutlingen as part of a programme with another university, please contact the university where you are first registered in order to find out how students are insured during such a programme.

In case of accident: if you have an accident on the campus, the university's insurance will cover your costs. Please contact the Student Office or the International Office.

Can I give in my registration documents after the deadline?

You must give in your Application for Enrolment (Antrag auf Einschreibung) and all required documents by the deadline given in your Letter of Admission (Zulassungsbescheid). 

When will I receive my student ID card (CampusCaRT)?

As soon as the University has received and processed all your documentation and your enrolment fee, you will be enrolled. Your Student ID (CampusCaRT) and your login-data then will be sent to you by post.

How can I get hold of my Certificate of Registration (Studienbescheinigung)?

You can print out these documents yourself via the University’s information portal - HIP – using the log-in data which was sent to you after you enrolled.

How much money do I have to pay to Reutlingen University?

When you register at the University you will have to pay an semester fee, which consists of an Administration Fee, the Social Fee for Student Services (Studentenwerksbeitrag) and the fee of Constituted Student Body. There are also tuition fees for international students and students enrolled in a second degree.

I do not want to accept the place I have been offered, how can I inform you?

If you do not wish to accept your place, you can reject it in the application portal in the "To my Application" section by clicking on the "Withdraw application" button. If you have already paid semester fees to us, we additionally need an e-mail confirming that you do not wish to accept the place and giving your bank details (IBAN, BIC, account holder and name of your bank). If the semester has already begun, please use the de-registration form.

Do I have to send back my Student ID Card when I withdraw from the University?

Yes, please send your Student ID Card back to us when you send in your letter of withdrawal. We cannot return your Administration Fee until we have received your Student ID Card.

Will I receive back all the money I have paid if I withdraw from the University?

The Administration Fee will be reimbursed to you in full if you withdraw within one month of the start of lectures. If you withdraw later than this, then no reimbursement will be possible.

In order to reclaim the Social Fee for Student Services (Studierendenwerksbeitrag) you will need to apply directly to the Studierendenwerk in Tübingen.

If a student has already paid the Semester Contribution, but then does not take up his or her study place, the Contribution will be reimbursed by the Constituted Student Body (Verfasste Studierendenschaft). In such cases students must make sure that their claim reaches the Constituted Student Body within one month.

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