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First step

To study, or not to study?

Deciding what to do after leaving school, which path to take, is never easy. However, there are lots of good reasons for choosing the higher education route: a university degree is your entry ticket to a wide range of careers. Management positions usually require a degree, and graduates have much better promotion prospects than people who have not been to university. On average, graduate salaries are 30-50% higher than those of non-graduates, and if you have a degree, you are much less likely to find yourself unemployed.

Why choose Reutlingen?

  • You won’t just learn the theory: the practical aspects and real-world approach of your degree programme will prepare you for the demands of professional life.
  • You will make your first contacts with potential employers while you are still studying: during your internship semester, whilst preparing your thesis, and also at careers fairs.
  • Many of our professors have extensive experience in industry and commerce, so you can be sure that what you hear in their lectures and seminars is authentic and based on real-world examples.
  • Every Reutlingen student has the opportunity to spend study time abroad – we have 200 partner universities throughout the world who are looking forward to meeting you!
  • A pleasant working atmosphere in small seminar groups makes it easier to learn and to get to know other students.
  • You’re never too old to learn something new: the Knowledge Foundation, Reutlingen’s centre for continuing education, offers a series of executive seminars and degree programmes.
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