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Continuing Education

Education and training don’t stop after your first degree but continue throughout your lifetime. Only continuous education and training cam smooth your path to a successful career, keep employees’ knowledge up-to-date, and ensure that companies remain competitive.

Our programme transmits current knowledge from research and practice at the highest level, combined with overarching solutions from the areas of applied chemistry, management, engineering, technology, textiles & design and informatics. It includes:

  • open, part-time Master’s programmes
  • branch-specific, part-time Master’s programmes for companies
  • individually tailored management programmes for companies
  • open, advanced training programmes for experienced  specialist and middle management staff

The team of teachers at the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University comprises academic staff from Reutlingen University as well as other highly qualified partners. This guarantees you a high level of experience and competence together with a well-grounded knowledge of your business requirements. We know our customers and so can adapt our study programmes flexibly to meet the needs of your branch and put together tailor-made seminars with, among other things, simulations, case studies, workshops or e-learning. You profit from our world-wide networks with renowned companies as well as the top position achieved by Reutlingen University in university ranking tables: all this flows into our postgraduate training programmes. As a graduate, you will enjoy a first-class reputation and, with your additional qualification, will be able to seize new opportunities in your career.

Initiators of the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University are Campus Reutlingen e. V., the founder of the Trust, and the Reutlingen Association of Friends of the University. Under the umbrella of the Foundation they work together for a future-oriented and highly qualified postgraduate training.

You can find out more about us on the pages of the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University.


Photo in header by ©MD Duran/unsplash