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The Green IT Computer Centre

In 2010-2011 Reutlingen University built a new Computer Centre. Because sustainability was an important criterion in this project, it was decided to build a green IT centre which fulfils all the current security standards. The video on the right in the Service Panel explains the meaning of the term “green IT” using the example of Reutlingen University’s Computer Centre.

In implementing the green IT concept, a double strategy was followed: not only the building elements, such as air conditioning and electricity supply, use energy-efficient components, but the IT equipment’s electricity consumption was also taken into account. The following elements were utilised:

Computer Centre Elements

  • Modular  N+1 concept for all components – this means that all units (e.g. uninterrupted power supply)  are constructed using a modular system, and are only designed to cover actual energy needs. If the need arises, additional modules can be added.
  • Direct fluid cooling on the principle of hot aisle containment
  • Free cooling
  • Integrated energy management

IT Elements

  • Server consolidation, i.e. a large number of small servers replaced by a few powerful servers
  • Almost complete virtualisation of application server
  • Testing of virtualisation concepts in the area of PC practice rooms

IT Security

All equipment in the Computer Centre, including servers, which are needed for critical functions are  doubled up; this means that for all components there is a back-up to guarantee interruption-free operation in case of component failure.

In addition, there are burglar and fire alarms; the latter is linked to an automatic fire extinguishing system.

Energy Management

The energy consumption of all equipment is continuously monitored by the building management system. This enables the collected data to be analysed with the aim of adjusting the equipment to ensure optimal energy consumption.