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Study abroad

If you would like to spend a part of your degree programme studying abroad, there are a number of possibilities open to you. They all have one thing in common: the place to start is in your own School in order to find out exactly what is required on your particular degree programme.

Study at one of our partner universities

Most students spend their international study semester at a partner university, so you should take a good look at the website of the relevant partner university for information on academic matters, accommodation, cost of living and so on.

Students wishing to go down this route should begin by finding out what possibilities exist within their degree programme, and also take a close look at the website of the partner university.

The major advantages of studying at a partner university are the support you will receive throughout the process, the fact that as a rule there are no problems in transferring your credits and grades to Reutlingen, and that often you are exempted from having to pay tuition fees abroad.

If the partnership is coordinated by your School, you will be given all the relevant information and documentation by your School coordinator. In the case of centrally coordinated partnerships, please contact the International Office for specific information on applying to spend a semester abroad, drawing up a Learning Agreement and related topics.

The websites of the partner universities will give you information about study options, accommodation and living costs.

It is not possible to guarantee that you will be able to spend an international study semester at the university of your choice, but every effort is made to accommodate students' preferences as far as is possible.

On some degree programmes a period abroad is an integrated part of the programme, whilst binational programmes offer the opportunity to take a Double Degree, which is awarded by two universities in different countries and recognised in both.


We have an Erasmus+ contract with the majority of our European partner universities. This means that you may be able to receive financial support through Erasmus+, the examinations  which you take at the partner university will be recognised in Reutlingen, and you will be exempt from paying tuition fees.

Erasmus + language test

Starting in the winter semester 2015/16, students who are receiving financial support from Erasmus+ for a mobility period abroad have to provide evidence of their skills in the working language of their host country. At present, the following languages are tested: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

  • When the students have been accepted at the partner university or for an internship, their email addresses are sent to Erasmus+ OLS – Online Linguistic Support.
  • Erasmus+ OLS contacts the students at the email address given and invites them to take an online test in the relevant language before they start their mobility period (deadline).
  • The test result is expressed in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages and is made available to the student, the home university and to Erasmus+.
  • Subsequently the student is allocated a licence for an online language course, which can be started before the start of the mobility period, in order to further improve his/her language skills.
  • At the end of the mobility period the student must take a second language test, also online. The result of this test is also reported to the home university.

The results of the language tests have no influence on whether a student is allocated a study place or an internship. However, both tests must be completed before the final instalment of the financial support can be made. If the language tests are not completed, funding will be withheld.

For more information go to:


Students studying degree programmes taught wholly in English are advised to contact their specific study coordinator for questions concerning the application process and the necessary paperwork, deadlines to watch and documents to provide.

You may find valuable resources on the EU's webpages helpful for preparing your stay; the big advantage for you - it's all in English.

Free Mover

"Free Movers" is the term which is used to denote students who do not spend their international study semester at a partner university, but rather at a university of their own choice.

Students who decide to go down this route basically have to organise their international study semester themselves.

You should however be sure to contact the International Relations Officer and the Examinations Officer of your degree programme, in order to clarify whether the grades and credits you receive abroad can be recognised.

Photo in header: ©Dieter Haugk/PIXELIO; Photo students: ©Reutlingen University; Photo roadsigns: ©A. Kriewel/PIXELIO

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