An alternative to spending a semester studying abroad is to find an internship abroad: after all, an internship semester is compulsory on most degree programmes at Reutlingen University. Just as with studying abroad, it is important to make an early start with planning and looking for a placement.

An internship abroad offers you the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice in another country with different customs. You will be confronted with a different culture, you will have to adapt and will inevitably find that your horizons are becoming wider and your language skills are improving. Unlike with a compulsory internship, if you undertake a voluntary internship abroad you can decide yourself how long it is to be.

Finding and applying for an internship

  • The International Office (RIO) can help: current vacancies for interns are displayed in the corridor outside the International Office (Building 5, in front of office 219. Click on Study Strategies and Learning Techniques for the dates of workshops on CV Preparation and Interview Techniques in English.
  • RIO can provide information on financial assistance for internships abroad.
  • Contact the Career Centre in your School or the University's main Career Centre for information and advice.
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the country or countries you are interested in may offer help in finding an internship.
  • Many internships are arranged through  personal contacts. Do you have any friends or relatives who have worked or lived abroad?
  • If you have previously completed an apprenticeship or an internship in a company in Germany, it is worth finding out if that company has a branch abroad. You would stand a good chance of being offered an internship there.
  • Most large enterprises list job vacancies, including those abroad, on their websites.
  • The internet offers a whole range of other ways of finding internships abroad.

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