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Exchange Students

The information on this page is for students who are coming to spend a semester or an academic year as an exchange student at Reutlingen University

Who is eligible to apply for an exchange?

Exchange Studentsfrom partner universities must be nominated by the student mobility coordinator at their home university. Please contact the relevant person at your university in order to learn more about exchange possibilities and the application procedure.

Free Mover: If there is not a partnership agreement between your home university and Reutlingen University, you can apply to study here as a so-called "Free Mover".
Free Movers can receive ECTS Credits and a Transcript of Records. If you wish to study at Reutlingen University as a Free Mover, please contact both your home university and the School in which you would like to study in Reutlingen. Before you set out you should clarify with your home university whether the grades you receive in Germany will be accepted, and what other formal requirements you need to satisfy (such as applying for semester's leave of absence etc.)
Please note that due to limited intake capacities not all degree programmes at Reutlingen University accept Free Movers.
Please note: From the fall/winter semester 2017/18 onwards, higher education institutions in Baden-Württemberg will be charging tuition fees for international students. International students who are not citizens of an EU or EEA country have to pay tuition fees. Further Information

General admission requirement:
English proficiency (minimum B1/B2-level) for studies in English
German proficiency (minimum B1/B2-level) for studies in German
Evaluation based on self-assessment; no language proficiency certificate required

Courses offered for exchange students

All five Schools at Reutlingen University offer courses for exchange students in English and German.
Please follow the links below for detailed information on the courses offered for exchange students in each School/degree programme:

In addition, the Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF) offers a wide range of German courses for international students, both intensive courses before the start of the semester and language courses which run throughout the semester. Furthermore, the IfF offers courses nine different languages, workshops on intercultural communication and other interesting topics. Click here for further information.

The average workload per semester is 30 ECTS credits. Course selection will take place after finalization of the application process.  Click  here for more information on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and the German grading scale.


1. Nomination by coordinator at home university
Deadline for starting in Winter Semester (fall): May 1st 
Deadline for starting in Summer Semester (spring): November 1st

2. Online Application  (weblink will be sent after nomination by coordinator at home university)
Application deadline for Winter Semester (fall): May 15th
Application for Summer Semester (spring): November 15th

3. If your application is accepted you will be sent a pre-arrival information pack and a Letter of Acceptance (if applicable)

For semester dates, please see our Academic Calendar (Please note that the semester dates for the degree programme International Business differ from the regular university dates.)

General requirements/conditions:
English proficiency (minimum B1/B2-level) for studies in English
German proficiency (minimum B1/B2-level) for studies in German
Evaluation based on self-assessment; no language proficiency certificate required

Application documents

  • Curriculum vitae /résumé
  • Transcript of records
  • Scan of passport
  • Passport photo (preferably 300x400 pixels)

Application documents must be provided in English or German and submitted via our online application portal MoveON.The coordinator at Reutlingen University will notify you about which additional documents are required for enrolment and send you all relevant pre-arrival information.
Exchange students have to pay a student services fee and an administration fee (currently 97,30 Euros) after arrival. There are no tuition fees for exchange students.

For detailed information, please see our A-Z list and our student handbook

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