At Reutlingen University there is a large variety of cultural activities: lectures, concerts, films, fashion shows, exhibitions and small festivals take place on Campus and also externally. They are organised by the Schools, the Reutlingen International Office or by student representatives. Additionally, there are events, seminars, workshops and exhibitions organised by the EKHG (Ecumenical University Association) and Ludwigsburg University of Education as well as the State Seminar for Advanced Teacher Training.

These cultural activities and events at our University have become an important aspect of life on Campus and contribute to the feeling of identification with the University enjoyed by students, administrative and academic staff alike.

"Culture, in the sense of the visual arts, music, literature, film and theatre is an essential aspect of the advancement and development of every human being. Our cultural activities connect our students with the University."
Prof. Henning Eichinger,
Senate Cultural Officer