Seitenansicht von Studierenden und ihrem Professor während eines Seminars
Seitenansicht von Studierenden und ihrem Professor während eines Seminars

Teaching Support

An institutional strategy, a goal-oriented infrastructure and adequate staffing are prerequisites for successful teaching and studying. The Reutlingen Didactics Institute (RDI) supports both instructors and students in reflecting on teaching-learning processes and creating these in the form of dialogue. This enables unconventional, autonomous and sustainable thought and action.


Key topics of the RDI

The RDI supports instructors by offering programmes for the professionalisation of teaching and for quality development in teaching. These key topics include:

  • Continuing and further education in didactics at higher education institutions
  • (Individual) didactic counselling, coaching
  • Peer counselling
  • (Collegial) observation
  • Programme for newly appointed professors
  • Interactive "Learning and Teaching Breakfast" 
  • Online courses on university didactics
  • Didactic advice for creating electronic assessments

  • Didactic guidance in developing study programmes
  • Didactic counselling in accreditation procedures
  • Didactic counselling in appointment procedures
  • Support in acquiring third-party funding for teaching
  • University Teaching Award

Services for instructors

Reutlingen University attaches great importance to supporting its teaching staff in implementing different scenarios for teaching and learning, ranging from conventional face-to-face teaching to media-enriched and integrated hybrid teaching. The Reutlingen Didactics Institute (RDI) conceives of teachers as learners and aims to support them in acquiring new educational strategies.

We provide the following advisory services:

  • Different characteristics of e-learning concepts in the light of varying degrees of digitalisation and in consideration of different approaches for interlocking online and in-person teaching
  • Problem-, project-, case-based teaching and study concepts
  • Practice-oriented teaching and study concepts
  • Teaching and study concepts that support "learning at eye level" (Peer- learning, -teaching, -instruction).

We also support you in creating a teaching portfolio, which is an important instrument for reflecting on, assessing and documenting your teaching activity with the aim of strengthening and further developing your teaching skills.

In order to promote collegial exchange across all disciplines, the exchange format "Interactive Learning and Teaching Breakfast" (IB) has been established. Once a semester, instructors and staff meet in a relaxed atmosphere to present and discuss their interactive teaching and learning concepts.


The RDI supports you in (further) developing your teaching. Within the framework of coachings or observations, you will receive process-oriented feedback on your teaching and will receive tools to help you achieve your teaching goals as effectively as possible.

Coaching sessions can be conducted individually or in groups (collegial coaching). Coaching focuses on a specific aspect of your teaching that could be optimised. Specific aspects can include:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
  • Course planning and design
  • Evaluation, feedback and supervision
  • Visualisation and digitalisation

Collegial Observation 

The main purpose of observations is to reflect on and develop your teaching personality and teaching skills through self-analysis and analysis by others. Such visits can be conducted with experts in higher education didactics as well as with other teachers (collegial observation).

A visiting session is divided into three steps:

  1. Preliminary discussion
  2. Visit to the course
  3. Debriefing

Within the framework of collegial observation, the RDI can provide, among others, support in the following areas:

  • Placement in a group of interested colleagues
  • Organisation of a pre- and post-course discussion in the group
  • Provision of documentation materials
  • Competent process support

More information

We would like to encourage you to critically reflect on your teaching and learning processes and to design them as an active dialogue that enables unconventional, autonomous and sustainable thinking, teaching and learning.

Reutlingen University "Fortbildungsportal" 

All courses are again listed under the heading "Didactics" in the "Fortbildungsportal" (continuing education portal). The RDI staff are always grateful for tips and ideas on how to organise the programme. If you have acquired teaching skills in an informal and self-taught way (e.g. within the framework of a specific teaching project), the offer under the heading "Online-Learning" might be relevant for you. 

Compact seminars for newly appointed professorsThe RDI supports newly appointed professors in their first two semesters at the university by providing didactic advice, observation and coaching. In addition, newly appointed professors are invited to participate in a special seminar programme. The seminars are listed under the "Weiterbildungsprogramm" (continuing education programme) in the university's Intranet.

GHD (Office of the Study Commission for University Didactics)The GHD is responsible for the supervision of higher education didactics at all public universities of applied sciences in the state and is based at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. In addition to many other tasks, the GHD offers an extensive continuing education programme for various target groups. The GHD also awards the Baden-Württemberg Certificate after attending various continuing education courses and it serves to raise awareness for the high level of commitment shown by individual teachers.

Neckar ConnectionFor many years, didactic continuing education programmes have been organised by the Neckar Connection, the continuing education cooperation of Reutlingen University with Nürtingen-Geislingen University, Stuttgart Media University, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (the last two partner universities since 2022).

Services for students

Students who require tools to successfully manage their studies or to implement tutorials are supported by the RDI with various offers. Reutlingen University attaches great importance to preparing students for their future professional life in the best possible way.

As a tutor, you make an important contribution to your fellow students' studies by supporting them in their learning. Therefore, we want to help you plan and implement your (first) tutorial and offer training courses for tutors through studierenplus. You can register via RELAX.

We have provided further information on university didactics for tutors on the Intranet. The Learning Centre also offers additional courses.

The RDI, the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) and the Learning Centre offer different self-study courses for students that contain appropriate tools to help you successfully complete your studies. You can attend the following self-study courses:

The RDI and the ZSB are here to support you in identifying and pursuing appropriate learning strategies to help you enjoy the learning process. Visit our "Lernberatung" (study guidance sessions) and learn how to document your learning developments and achievements in an (electronic) learning portfolio.

The Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) and the Learning Centre offer different advice and counselling formats.  

Teaching awards & honours

Teaching staff who commit to improve and who implement high-quality university teaching are recognised by the RDI through the University Teaching Award. Every two years, the university hands out the School Teaching Awards and the cross-disciplinary Universy Teaching Award. This year, said award, which is endowed with 5000€, was given to Prof. Dr. Anna Göddeke (photo) from ESB Business School, who, among other things, teaches Microeconomics. Congratulations! For more details see the current brochure.


Reutlinger Didaktik Institut (RDI)

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