Erasmus+ for Studying Abroad

Erasmus+ gives students the opportunity to study in another European country and broaden their linguistic and academic horizons, as well as their cultural competencies.

Students can be funded for a semester abroad from two to twelve months at a partner university, including up until their PhD. All students abroad at a European or partner university associated with the programme will automatically receive an Erasmus+ scholarship.

On this website, you can find information for funding Erasmus+ study semesters.

Erasmus+ Internships

ERASMUS also funds internships for students at a guest institution in the EU (excluded are institutions that manage EU programmes, as well as diplomatic posts for the home country of the student). Furthermore, a limited number of internships outside of the EU based on a “first-come, first serve” policy can also be funded.

Students can gain valuable work experience in an international environment, along with key competencies like communication and cooperation skills, knowledge and an openness for other cultures and markets.

Students can receive funding for both mandatory and voluntary internships for a period from two to twelve months.

The programme offers students the following benefits: funding is determined by KOOR - Erasmus Services BW for the corresponding project year.

  • Monthly grant depending on the country group
  • EU internship contract between the university, company and student
  • Support in preparing for the stay abroad
  • Assistance during the internship through the contact person from the home university and in the company
  • Recognition of workload completed abroad

Brigitte Bahcaci:



  • Monthly scholarship funding for the study semester abroad, based on the target country
  • Additional funding for participants with fewer opportunities
  • Additional funding for using green travel
  • Academic accreditation for courses completed abroad
  • Exemption from tuition fees at the partner university
  • Preparatory Cultural, linguistic and organizational support
  • Online Language Course (OLS - Online Linguistic Support)


  • Only stays at one of HSRT’s over 100 Erasmus+ partner universities can be funded (HSRT’s partner universities)
  • Bachelor students must be in at least their second year of studies, Master students must be in at least in their second semester
  • All students enrolled at the HSRT can receive funding (Bachelor, Master, PhD).
  • A maximum of 12 months can be funded per study cycle
  • The funding can be split within a study cycle and used multiple times (e.g. two periods of six months)


Students apply for studying abroad at one of our partner universities within their school. All students studying at a European or partner university associated with the Erasmus+ Programme will automatically receive an Erasmus+ scholarship.

Selection Criteria

The schools select students based entirely on the set criteria: grades, language proficiency, uncompleted examinations, academic progress, motivation etc.

Students should possess a B2 level for the language of instruction (most often English).

Further selection criteria might also include (extra)curricular engagement, vocational training and internships.

We are looking for cosmopolitan students interested in other cultures, who will represent our university and Germany within the Erasmus+ Programme positively.


The funding rates set by Germany apply for the corresponding academic year, based on the country groups and for study semesters (SMS).


Country Group

Country Group


Funding rates for acad. years

2023/24 and 2024/25

Group 1
(high costs of living)

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden,
Great Britain

600 EUR / month

Group 2
(middle costs of living)

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain

540 EUR / month

Group 3
(low costs of living)

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Türkiye

490 EUR / month

Social top-ups (additional 250,- Euro monthly) for students with chronic illnesses or disabilities, working students, first-generation students as well as students with child(ren).

More Information

Green Travel top-up (50,- Euro one-time) for students who travel to the partner university with sustainable transportation.

More Information

TO DO’s for Scholarship Recipients

All Erasmus+ recipients receive detailed information about the application and organization of their scholarship, once they have been selected for an Erasmus+ study placement.



In order to receive Erasmus funding, the following documents must be submitted.

Before the stay abroad

  • Grant Agreement
  • Learning Agreement

At the end of the stay abroad

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • EU Survey

Deputy Director, RIO
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Projects and Scholarships

The EU-Commission bestows the ERASMUS Charter for Higher Education 2021-2028 (ECHE). This serves as proof, that Reutlingen University meets all requirements to successfully participate in ERASMUS-Programmes.


Erasmus on Higher Education Policy

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