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Reference Management Software Citavi

You can manage your references, research results and library catalogues with Citavi. Visit one of our training sessions to find out more.

Attention Mac users! Citavi works only on Windows. In order to run Citavi on a Mac you will have to install a Windows virtual machine. Read below or check the Citivi help to find out more.


Reutlingen University has aquired a campus license for the reference management program Citavi for Windows. With Citavi you can directly search databases and library catalogues, collect references, organise content, save quotations and structure your work.

The campus license allows all students, staff and teachers of Reutlingen University to use Citavi.

Citavi is installed on all the computers in our computer pool in the Learning Centre.



How to access Citavi

  1. Download
    First download the free version of Citavi:
    Information to download:
Using Citavi in a Team

Do you want to use Citavi in a team project and collaborate with others?

This is also possible. Follow the directs in the documentation provided on the right in the service panel (in German).

Using Citavi on a Mac

Do you want to use Citavi on a Mac?

Even though Citavi is a Windows program, this is also possible. In order to do this, however, you will have to install Windows on your Mac using the virtual machine software "VirtualBox".

You can borrow a flash drive from the Service Desk with the software installer. In the campus network, you can also access the required software here (external access via vpn). Here you can also find a pdf-document that contains an explanation of the installation process in German.

Please remember that this installation requires a lot of memory:

  • VirtualBox installation: about 110 MB
  • vdi [Virtual Disk Image]: about 44 GB
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