The zest for your studies! The studierenplus programme at Reutlingen University enables students to acquire interdisciplinary skills in numerous courses, workshops and seminars. Course registration takes place online using the RELAX learning platform and is open from the start of lectures.

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  • Courses are usually limited to a certain number of participants and require online registration via RELAX.

  • To enrol in a course, log in to RELAX and select the desired subject and topic on the studierenplus page. Select your course from the course and click on "Enrol".

  • If the maximum number of participants has been reached, you will automatically be put on the waiting list.

  • In case you choose not to attend the course, please also deregister via RELAX or notify the person in charge of the course. Others may then move up from the waiting list. Note: It is not possible to move up on the list for language courses that have already started.


It is possible to receive ECTS credits for a number of courses within the scope of your degree programme. The examination officers of your degree programme decide on the recognition of the respective examination performance. As a participant, you are responsible for this and must clarify the recognition in good time. Students on leave of absence cannot have their ECTS credits recognised.

Courses are generally limited to a set number of participants. If courses are already full, you will automatically be put on the waiting list upon registration. 

The studierenplus programme is open to all students at Reutlingen University. Students on leave of absence ("Urlaubssemester") cannot earn ECTS credits. können alle Studierenden der Hochschule Reutlingen teilnehmen. 

Please note: If you miss courses or workshops without excuse/giving further notice, you will unfortunatley be excluded from participating in courses and workshops the following semester. 

Certificate of attendance: Every student who has participated in a studierenplus course can download their certificate of attendance from RELAX. Please also save the certificates electronically, so you can print out additional copies at a later date if necessary. For courses in which ECTS points are awarded, credit will be given in consultation with the respective degree programme.

Portfolio: All courses taken during the course of study can be included in a portfolio and printed out via RELAX.


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