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A big welcome to our new first-semester students!

Everything is difficult at the beginning: it’s finally time to begin your degree programme, everything is new and suddenly you have lots of questions. Where do I have to go, who is responsible for what, and what do I need to know? Here are a few tips to make your first few days with us a little easier!

  • Take a little time to explore the campus. You will find a plan of the campus with all the buildings in the service panel on the right.  All students should get to know the Student Office on the ground floor of Building 3, room 004. The staff here can answer all your questions about the organisation of your studies.

  • The Computing and Media Centre (Service Desk in Building 3) will also be a great help to you in your first few weeks here, for instance if you need help setting up your university email account or organising access to the wireless network. You will be sent lots of important information about deadlines and events via your university email, so make sure you log in in good time!

  • The University Library s a place which every student will get to know well during the course of their degree programme. Take the chance in your early days here to join a free tour and induction session.
  • So that you can plan your studies effectively and know what to expect each semester, you should read the Degree and Examination Regulations for your programme (Studien- und Prüfungsordnung, only in German).

  • Reutlingen university offers a lot of advisory services to help you get started with your studies. Math courses, learning guidance service or academic writing service - take your chance and join us!
  • Students in higher semesters can give you lots of useful tips about your programme. You can often get to know people with similar interests in lectures and other activities related to your programme. Just keep your eyes open for posters and notices in your School.

  • If you are unsure about anything or if you encounter a problem, ask your lecturers, professors or members of the administrative staff – they’ll all be happy to help you.

Reutlingen University wishes you a good start to your programme, and every success while you are studying with us.

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