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Printing Centre

Printing and binding theses, copying scripts and scanning files – the Printing Centre is your contact address for printing, copying and scanning. The Printing Centre can also deal with large or colour print-runs, brochures, and stapled or bound documents, large format or offset printing and visiting cards.

An overview of Printing Centre prices and order forms can be found on the right in the Tool bar.


Orders can be submitted to the Printing Centre in the following ways.

Submitting orders in the Printing Centre
You can submit master copies of orders on paper or on data carriers (DVDs, USB sticks) to the Printing Centre. The order is placed using an order form which should be filled in with the relevant details (cost unit, number, collection date, etc.). The forms are available on paper at the Printing Centre or can be downloaded here .

Submitting orders via the Printing Centre web portal
The Printing Centre web portal can be accessed after logging on to the Windows account. Here you can give details about your order: master copies, format, colour, materials, amount, finish, or type of payment. You can send the order online and check the status of the order at any time.

Submitting orders via E-mail
The third way is to send orders as an e-mail appendix. The electronic master copy (PDF, JPEG, Word, Excel, or TIFF document) must be accompanied by a filled-out electronic order form on which the customer should specify the cost unit, collection date, number of copies and finish required.

Questions & Answers

How and where can I pick up my completed orders?
Completed orders must be collected personally from the Printing Centre (building 5, room 5-U05).

Does the Printing Centre require special master copies?
No. All the usual formats such as PDF, TIF, DOC, JPEG, PPT or XLS can be processed. PDF format is the most suitable as here none of the formatting is lost. Files which are sent via the Printing Centre Internet site are automatically converted into PDF format.

Can I place private orders with the Printing centre?
Yes. The costs can be debited from your card or paid in cash.

The printing centre is currently closed

PLEASE NOTE: Due to renovation work in building 5 in the basement, the printing centre is completely closed from 14th of September until the beginning of October.

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