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Our workshops

Here you will find an overview of our natural science learning workshops at the university.

Maths courses

Whether online preparation courses, maths workshops or tutorials – we will support you in all issues and problems related to mathematics.

The subjects "Mathematics" or "Quantitative Methods" are already on the curriculum in the first semester in almost all of our Bachelor programs. For many applicants, it is difficult to get into college, especially in these areas, as the mathematical content that is taught during school is assumed and there is often no time to repeat.


Information about tutorials is given by the lecturers of the respective lectures at the beginning of the semester.

Math Workshop

The maths workshop is an open consultation for all questions about mathematics. It takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday during the semester from 12.30 to 2.30 pm in the lounge of the Learning Center. The offer is multilingual and supported by tutors. On Mondays you also have a contact person for physics available.

Just come by and bring your own questions! No reservation required!

Contact: Fabian Wolter, 07121 / 271-2033
More information can be found here on RELAX. Enrolling in the RELAX course is not necessary for your participation in the maths workshop!

Good to know

Already before the beginning of the semester, you can refresh your math skills: with the help of the online pre-course including the placement test or in the math pre-courses of the staRT weeks.

physics courses

If you have any questions or problems concerning physics, our Physics Consultation offers answers.

A physics task seems unsolvable or a general refresher of physics knowledge is needed? During the semester, a contact person for physics is also available on Monday from 12.30 to 14.30 in the math workshop. Just come by - without booking in the lounge of the learning center.


If additional support is needed, Karin Hehl is our contact for physics. When it comes to a specific task, send it to the specific request by mail (for example, photographed with a smartphone) to them and wait for a response. At an individual appointment in the Physics Consultation, you can then jointly eliminate ambiguity and find the way to the solution.


Dr. Karin Hehl
Reutlingen teaching center basics
Tel. 07121 / 271-2060
Building 4, room 4-322


Refresh your knowledge of physics before the semester starts: with the help of the online offers or in the physics preliminary courses of the staRT weeks.

chemistry courses

Open consultation on all questions about

All students are invited to use the chemistry workshop, whether to study in a group, to study announced topics or to join an existing learning group. Concrete questions in inorganic and organic chemistry can be discussed and solved together.

Furthermore, the chemistry workshop as part of the project "staRT your studies!" Helps with questions about studying and should help students with their studies.

Time and place: During the semester, the chemical workshop will be held on Wednesdays (3:30 - 6 p.m.) in the lounge in the learning center (on April 3d at 4:30 p.m.)

Contact: Judith Henrich
Tel.:  07121 271-1104
Building 3, room 3-233

Registration is not required. Interested students are invited and can come by!

Photo in header: ©Rainer Sturm/, photo sliderule: ©S. Hofschlaeger/, photo books: Lupo/, photo inkpot: birgitH/, photo pendulum: ©Oliver Otterson/

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