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Well advised through your studies

There are a variety of advisory services to support all students of the university throughout their studies. The employees of the university lend a friendly ear for your personal concerns and are happy to answer any questions.

Have you already taken a look at our services? There you will find the central counselling and service facilities of the university. Here you will find an overview of further advisory services offered by the university.

Study guidance

The study guidance service is there to help you with everything related to academic study.

Who doesn’t know it: the closer your exams are, the cleaner your apartment. In this consultation you can learn how best to study and how to approach your exam preparation.

We can help you with the topics:

  •     time management
  •     developing a study plan
  •     learning methods
  •     dealing with procrastination


  •     Individual appointments can be arranged by telephone or e-mail


Fabian Lang
phone.: +49 (0)7121 271-1178
Building 3, room 3-231

Writing Consultation

The writing consultation service provides you with individual support for the texts you need to write during your studies.

If you have questions about texts that you need to write as part of your studies, the writing advice is the right place to go.

We give tips on the topics

  • Language and style
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Cohesion and coherence
  • Structure and organisation
  • Writer's block and other problems while writing

Please note: The writing consultation is not a proofreading service, aiming instead to help you to help yourself. We do not read or correct complete texts, but we support you with concrete questions and problems regarding your texts and give tips and assistance. The responsibility for the finished product lies with the writer.


Use our form if you would like to make an appointment for a consultation!  


Karin Bukenberger
Department of Foreign Languages, German as a foreign language
Tel. 07121 / 271-1007
Building 3, room 3-216

Research consultation

When you get stuck looking for reliable literature for a paper or presentation, we can help!

Staff from the Learning Centre can give you personalised advice on your topic and show you which databases and research tools you can use to get the best results.



Service Desk
Tel. 07121/271-1333
Building 3, Learning centre

Psychotherapeutic counselling centre

Even when your psychological problems seem beyond help, the staff at the psychological counselling centre (from the Studierendenwerk) provide a confidential point of contact.

For students with mental health problems such as work difficulties, examination anxiety, relationship problems and difficulties with contact, the Studierendenwerk offers advice. For students in Reutlingen, this is managed by the psychotherapeutic counselling centre in Gartenstraße. For more information, contact the Studierendenwerk directly.

Legal advice

For people needing answers to their legal questions, the Studierendenwerk provides legal advice.

Students have access to free legal consultation through the Studierendenwerk, advising on all cases that arise out of student life.

These include, for example, opportunities for social support, acquiring financial support for study, matters regarding university law and conflicts in connection with student housing. The procurement of legal matters on behalf of a third party is not possible. More information on legal advice.


Karlstrasse 3, 72072 Tübingen, Tel. 07071/9466725
Registration Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm and Friday from 9am to 12pm

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