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Ethical & Sustainability Programme

As a student, you help to decide how we will live tomorrow. In our globalised world, our actions have consequences not only for our immediate environment but also for other regions of the world and for future generations: this is the situation we want to prepare you for, because specialist, scientific knowledge alone is not always enough.

Why you benefit from the programme – today and tomorrow!

With the Ethical and Sustainability Programme we offer you a chance to extend your horizons – a look at current problems that affect us all, for example, climate change, shortage of resources, or what responsible business practices are. Our aim is not only to transmit knowledge but also to offer a code of practice to guide action. The programme therefore has three parts: ethics, sustainable development and social competences. Only in this way is it possible for you to benefit from the programme today and tomorrow, in your work and in your everyday life.  Our “ Ethikum” offers you the opportunity to  gain certification for your knowledge and competences.


Achievement deserves recognition – exactly this principle is behind the idea of the Ethikum. The Ethikum demonstrates that the holder has made an intensive study of the topics of ethics, sustainable development and/or social competences.

The Commission for Engineering and Scientific Ethics (RTWE) offers all students at universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg the opportunity to receive such a certificate.

100 points that make a big difference

To do so, students have to collect at least 100 so-called “ethical points” by attending RTWE seminars or university seminars. Because more and more companies are basing their strategies on sustainability, such an additional qualification can make the decisive difference when applying for a job. More information about the Ethikum can be found here.

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