Every vote counts! The committee elections at the university take place each May and give students the opportunity to influence university policy  - whether as a candidate or as a voter. Students can stand for election or vote for the following:


The Senate is the highest elected body at the university. Here decisions are taken on Examination Regulations, and the University Executive reports on all topics connected with the university.  The students elect four members and four reserves for a year, beginning in the winter semester. Students who are standing for election must state which semester they are in when they present themselves as a candidate.

The election is based on lists of candidates. Ideally, eight candidates will get together and form one list. Lists may not contain more than eight names. Seats are allocated according to the list results.

School Council/Student Committee

Each School has a School Council (Fakultätsrat) which deliberates on all issues which are of fundamental importance to the School. This includes for example topics such as Study and Examination Regulations or the allocation of School funds.  Each School Council is made up of six elected active student representatives together with professors and administrative staff members.  (The ESB Business School has five elected student representatives).

These five or six student members of the School Council make up the Student Committee (Fachschaft) of the School. However, as a rule meetings of the Student Committee are open to anyone who is interested, so students who have not been elected can also be active on the Student Committee.  This means that anyone who wishes to initiate debates on important topics in their School or to help organise parties can play a valuable role on the Student Committee of their School.

Student Parliament (StuPa)

With the new Constituted Student Body (verfasste Studierendenschaft) there is also a Student Parliament (StuPa). The statutes stipulate that the Student Parliament is made up of the members of the Senate together with two students from each School Council. In addition, five members are elected directly.

The StuPa elects the General Student Committee (AStA) and takes decisions on all fundamental student questions, such as which projects should receive financial support.

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