Student Parliament - STUPA

The Student Parliament (STUPA) is the highest decision-making organ of our Student Body.

Its responsibilities include passing the Budget and the Rules of Procedure, as well as discussing and deciding on statutes and regulations of the Student Body.

The STUPA comprises 19 members in total and is an important forum representing the wishes, suggestions and ideas of the students. In order to ensure good communication among the STUPA members, the group meets on a monthly basis. Non-STUPA members are also very welcome to attend these meetings.

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Campus Festival: Concert instead of lectures!

Once a year the campus is transformed into a festival site. Then instead of lectures there are open-air concerts, 2500 visitors relaxing and enjoying the live music, followed by an After-Show party into the early hours of the morning.

But who is behind the organisation of this event? The Campus Festival Team!

Each year a new group of committed students comes together to plan, organise and implement every aspect of the Festival from A to Z. Musical Direction, Security, Catering, Advertising or Finances – there are lots of areas where people can help and use their talents.

The Campus festival needs your support!

Interested? Then get in touch with the StuPa. For more infomation visit: