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Student Initiatives

In student initiatives students can play an active role outside lectures and seminars. Students from all Schools can take part – just send an e-mail or look in on one of the meetings!

Student Parliament (STUPA)

The Student Parliament (STUPA) is the highest decision-making organ of our Student Body. Its responsibilities include passing the Budget and the Rules of Procedure, as well as discussing and deciding on statutes and regulations of the Student Body.

The STUPA comprises 19 members in total and is an important forum representing the wishes, suggestions and ideas of the students. In order to ensure good communication among the STUPA members, the group meets on a monthly basis. Non-STUPA members are also very welcome to attend these meetings.

Further information: 


The letters "ASTA” denote the General Student Committee of the University. The ASTA is the executive organ and the chair of the Student Parliament (STUPA). The Student Parliament represents the students, their opinions and their rights and can pass "laws".

Responsibilities within the ASTA

The ASTA is made up of five members who administer the daily business of the student body. The ASTA meets nearly every week to exchange information and assign tasks. In addition, the ASTA chairs the Student Parliament. The leading positions in the ASTA are those of the Deputy, the Secretary and the Finance Officer.


oikos Reutlingen

Oikos is an international student organisation which is concerned with sustainability in the economy, research and society. Starting from a small group at the University of St. Gallen, oikos today includes a number of local groups which are engaged in the field at their respective universities.

The sustainability goup oikos Reutlingen aims to open new perspectives on the topic of sustainability and to extend students’ knowledge about it. Sustainability is discussed using concrete examples and implemented in university-wide projects. Building up contacts and exchanging ideas with innovative thinkers from the economy and research and like-minded students all over the world is also an objective of oikos Reutlingen.

Enhance your knowledge about sustainability, get to know other students and their ideas for projects, and become active yourself!

Website oikos Reutlingen


Football-playing robots - that’s what the RT Lions are all about: the Reutlingen University Robo-Cup team.The international joint project Robo-Cup has set itself an ambitious goal: by 2050 it intends to develop a team of completely autonomous humanoid robots which can play against a human team of world champion footballers – and win.

On the way there, the RT Lions work and play in the so-called “mixed reality” league. That is, miniature robots that are not larger than a coin move the ball over a field in a virtual world.

We are looking for students for the following areas:

  • programming (C/Java)
  • server administration (Linux)
  • image processing
  • electronics
  • mechanics
  • organisation/marketing
  • for our humanoid and mini robots.

Moreover, Bachelor’s theses are always being called for in these areas.

Team meetings and the Robo-Cup lab is in room 4-105.


email: & Prof. Dr. Matthias Rätsch

Campus Festival

Once a year the campus is transformed into a festival site. Then instead of lectures there are open-air concerts, 1,500 visitors relaxing and enjoying the live music, followed by an After-Show party into the early hours of the morning.

But who is behind the organisation of this event? The Campus Festival Team!

Each year a new group of committed students comes together to plan, organise and implement every aspect of the Festival from A to Z. Musical Direction, Security, Catering, Advertising or Finances – there are lots of areas where people can help and use their talents.

The Campus festival needs your support!

Interested? Then get in touch with the StuPa. For more infomation visit: 

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