At the end of every semester, examinations can be taken as set out in the relevant Study and Examination Requirements.  To do this, you must first register for the examinations (see examination registration). Below you can find the most important information about the notification of grades, checking examination scripts, repeat examinations, examination dates and other examinations which can be counted towards your degree.

Notification of Grades and Checking Examination Scripts

You will be notified of your examination grades online about two weeks after the end of the examination period. (Intranet/HIP).

It is generally possible to check your examination scripts in the following semester. You may make notes as necessary and clarify any questions with the responsible member of the teaching staff.

If you are in an industrial placement, semester abroad or have leave of absence during the period when examination scripts may be checked, you can arrange a special appointment or apply to do this one semester later. It is possible to check your examination scripts within a year of sitting the examination.

Repeat Examinations

According to the Study and Examination Regulations, repeat examinations generally take place at the next possible date (during the examination period of the following semester, or after two semesters when the examination takes place in a yearly cycle).

Examination Dates

The examination dates and exam rooms will be made public about two weeks in advance of the official examination period through the course and room schedule. Please inform yourself one day at the latest before the respective exam date about possible changes in timetable or room.

Counting other Examinations towards your Degree

Periods of study, assessments and examinations which were obtained at other universities or on other degree programmes can be counted towards your degree.  This is possible if they were assessed using a points system and if the content, extent and student demands of the relevant courses are comparable with those at Reutlingen University. The documentation should be submitted to the examination officer of the degree programme five weeks after the start of lectures at the latest.

How can I get my examinations recognised?

Students wishing to get their examination achievements recognised must make an application using the form on the right in the tool bar. The application must be submitted to the responsible member of the teaching staff, or the examination officer who will inspect the documents and make a recommendation to the Examinations Board.

The Examinations Board of the relevant degree programme decides whether the examination achievements can be recognised. The application will be passed on to the Examinations Office by the Examination Board. The examination achievement which is to be recognised will be entered in student’s records with the endorsement “recognised”.