Group Rooms

There are five group rooms on the first floor of the learning centre. These rooms cannot be reserved.

Telephoning, eating and drinking are not permitted in the group rooms (exception: water in transparent bottles).

Group rooms are intended for 3 - 6 persons. The occupancy of a group room by 1 - 2 persons is not permitted.

It is not permitted to reserve a room by laying down working materials. Any materials and equipment brought along must be taken back when leaving the room.

Short breaks up to 15 minutes are permitted. When leaving the room, use the parking disc to set the departure time. If the room is empty for longer, it can be occupied by other users.

Please do not place any additional chairs in the group rooms. Please do not stick anything to the walls.

Pens for the whiteboards are available at the Service Desk. Please wipe the whiteboards before leaving the group room.