Group Study Rooms

Please note: Curently, only individual work is permitted in the study rooms. Group work is currently not allowed in the Learning Centre.

On the first floor of the Learning Centre, you can find five bright, spacious group rooms, each designed for 3 - 6 people. If you are planning to study alone or with one other person, the individual study rooms are optimal.

Each group room has a screen and corresponding VGA and HDMI cables so that you can connect the screen to your laptop, making it easy to work together, as well as electrical and network sockets. There is also a whiteboard in each room. You can borrow much additional equipment, such as white board pens, adapters and cables from the Service Desk. To connect to the university network, see this PDF (in German).

Short breaks of up to 15 minutes are allowed: just set the parking disk to show the time that you leave the room. If the room is empty for longer, it can be occupied by other users. It is not possible to reserve a room.

In order to ensure as pleasant and undisturbed working atmosphere as possible. telephoning, eating and drinking are not permitted in the cabins (with the exception of water in transparent bottles). When entering and leaving the group rooms, please keep as quiet as possible so as to not disturb those studying in the reading room. Please take your belongings and study material when you leave the room.

Please observe the relevant rules of conduct at all times.