think-cell - Add-In for PowerPoint

Staff, students and professors of Reutlingen University can use the PowerPoint and Excel Add-ins think-cell.

You can download the software and the license key in the Online RELAX-Kurs think-cell.


Think-cell is a collection of productivity tools for improving your PowerPoint presentations or Excel diagrams.

  • think-cell chart is an add-in for creating business charts, such as complex Waterfalls, Mekkos and Gantts
  • think-cell round is an Excel add-in for consistently rounding numbers, even across complex calculations.
  • think-cell layout is a PowerPoint add-in for composing clean slide layouts from standard elements.


  • Ease of use and full integration into Microsoft Office
  • Extensive automation to foster efficiency and quality
  • Full compatibility with all Microsoft Office file formats
  • Improved collaboration

You can use think-cell for the duration of your employment at the university or of your studies. Once you leave the school you will need to uninstall the software.