As a student, faculty or staff member you can access our WiFi service in all buildings of the university campus. This wireless service allows you to hook up your laptop, smartphone or tablet to the Internet or to the schools network servers.

There are different ways of using this service dependent upon whether you are a student, a teacher or staff.

For Students, Faculty and Staff

Students, faculty and staff members of Reutlingen University can connect to the university wifi with the wireless network "myCampus".

With this connection you can access the internet and your personal server space.


In order to access the "myCampus" network you have to have an activated university account.

Below you will find instructions for setting up access with various operating systems.

University Guests

If you are visiting an event at the University you can access our WiFi using a special guest account and accessing the WiFi network "guestCampus". This network allows guests to access the Internet with their laptops or mobile devices.


  • Contact the Service Desk and request guest access.
  • Connect your device to the WiFi network "guestCampus" (user name and password are not needed).
  • Open any Web page on your browser.
  • Here you must enter the access information you received from the Service Desk.