VPN - off-campus access to the learning centre's e-resources and services

From home or from other places off campus you can connect to the university´s computer network via VPN to use licensed e-resources and other electronic services. VPN also allows you to surf public WLAN networks securely.

What's the point?

To use licensed e-resources and other electronic services you need to be identified as a Reutlingen University member. You do this by making sure your computer appears to be on the Reutlingen University Network. This is easy when you are on campus using your laptop - just connect to the wireless network. When you are off campus, you will use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to put your laptop or desktop computer back on the University Network.

Three Steps to Use VPN

1. Download and install the free VPN software (AnyConnect). You do this once.

2. Start AnyConnect each time you wish to use licensed e-resources.

3. Enter the address vpn.reutlingen-university.de and then click "Connect" in the AnyConnect window. Then log in using your university account.

Follow steps 2 and 3 each time you use licensed materials, even when you find them through Google Scholar or directly on a publisher's web site.

Here you will find a step-by-step installation guide.