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RELAX is the perfect place to save and locate material and activities about your university classes. Students will find current information about a class, like due dates, assignments, required reading and slides, and can exchange with teachers and other students. RELAX (based on the open-source platform Moodle) is designed to improve collaboration and communication between students and teachers.

You will find best practice example, user guides and lots of tips in the Online RELAX course.


In order to use RELAX all you need is a web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome and the username and password from your university account.

After logging on to RELAX you will find your course after choosing "All Courses" in the upper menu bar. Usually your teacher will provide you with a password to access your course. You can then enroll and enter the online course.

You can choose your preferred language in the upper menu bar on the right.

Why do I need RELAX?

Why do I need RELAX as a student?

In your RELAX courses you will find various activities and relevant information about your courses. For most of the university majors RELAX is the central place to find course presentations and be informed about latest changes.

Why do I need RELAX as a teacher?

To what extent RELAX is used really depends upon the individual teacher. Do you want to make the email communication with your students much easier? Your RELAX courses automatically have a specific email list of all the participants so that you can direct your communication to the right people. Do you need a system to administer assignments, student projects and grades? RELAX is a great solution?

Instructions for Students

Open your web browser and go to the RELAX web page (relax.reutlingen-university.de).

Log in with the user name and password from your university account.

After logging in you are redirected to your own start page called "my home" where you will see all the courses you are currently enrolled in. To sign up for a new course go to the link "All Courses" in the upper menu bar. There you will find all the university departments. By clicking on your department you will find the majors and the courses in the majors. To enroll in a course you will usually need a course password which you will receive from your teacher.

Creating and Administering Courses

Open your web browser and go to the RELAX web page. Log in with your university user name and password.

In most university departments RELAX courses are created for you. As a teacher you should find your current courses on the "My Home" page. If not you can also create your own course.

Creating a Course

1. Go to "All Courses" and click "Add a new course" or "Request a course" at the bottom.

2. On the following page you can enter basic information on the course.

  • The course full and short name should be something like this:
    [semester level] - [title of course] - [semester], for example "Semester 3 - European Monetary Policy - Summer 2016"
  • The course category is your department and major.

3. Finally click "Save changes" at the bottom.

4. On the course page you can choose "Course Administration > Edit Settings" to change the basic course settings.

Editing the Course and adding Resources and Activities

Click "Turn editing on" on the upper right-hand side of the course main page. You can then simply drag and drop documents in the course from your Windows Explorer or choose "Add an activity or resource" to add various types of elements to your course.


In our Online RELAX-Schulung you will find numerous examples.


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