Print, Copy, Scan

You can use any of the available network printers on the campus to print out documents, make copies or scan material.



  • Print on any of the available Xerox printers (also from USB sticks; file systems has to be FAT or FAT32; NTFS doesn't work!)
  • Scan and save files on to a flash drive
  • scan and save files on to your own private folder
  • available formats are A3 and A4
  • prints can be made in color or black and white

Your print jobs follow your CampusCaRT

There are over thirty Xerox printers on campus available for you to print, make copies or scan documents.

Print jobs are sent directly from your computer to the print server. You can access your print jobs from any one of the Xerox MultiCentre printers. Every time you want to print your documents you have to authenticate yourself with the CampusCaRT.

In order to print your material you have to have suffient money on your CampusCaRT.

From your PC you can access the printer list to see all of your print jobs (you need VPN from outside of the university network).

Scanning Dokuments

Scanned documents can either be saved directly to a flash drive or onto the print server. Although scanning is free, you need to make sure your CampusCaRT has money on it.

Print Center

The Print Center offers printing services, especially for higher volume prints and special formates. You can order prints at the Print Center's Webshop. You will also find further information there.



Prices and Payment

Here is a list of prices for prints and copies:

black and white copy/print one-sided on DIN A4 paper, 80g white 3.5 cents
sblack and white copy/print one-sided on DIN A3 paper, 80g white 4.2 cents
color copy/print one-sided on DIN A4 paper, 80g white 12 cents
color copy/print one-sided on DIN A3 paper, 80g white 12.5 cents

Scanning is free of charge.

Payment via credit on your CampusCaRT

Payment can be made with credit available on your CampusCaRT. This is the same credit you use to pay for food in the cafeteria. You can charge your card on one of the machines in building 7 or 3 (Learning Centre).

Payment via your department

Staff and teachers can use there CampusCaRT and have the fee be charged to their department (Kostenstelle).

For private copies choose the option on the terminal of the copy machines. In this case the payment will be deducted from the credit on your CampusCaRT.


University guests can receive a guest card for a deposit of 5€ from the Studierendenwerk. You can charge the credit on the card at one of the EC charging stations. The credit on the card can be used to print, make copies or, for example, pay for food at the cafeteria.

Printing on the Xerox machines is not possible with a guest card.

Library visitors

Library visitors with a library card can use the copy machines. The credit on the library card can also be charged at one of the charging stations.

Loss of the CampusCaRT

Please inform the university immediately if you loose your CampusCaRT. Staff and teachers should inform the human resources department and students should inform the Student Office (StudienServiceCenter)


Printer Drivers and Directions for Installation

The standard xerox printer driver is usually already installed and can be configured in the print dialog box.
Directions for Windows (German / pdf file)

The printer driver for Macintosh has to be installed.
Directions for Mac OS (German / pdf file)
Printer Driver for Mac OS (dmg file, 82 MB)
Q Pilot-Client for Mac OS (dmg file)

The printer driver for Unix has to be installed.
Directions for Linux (German / pdf file)
Printer Driver for Linux (external link)
Q Pilot-Client for Linux (zip file)



Xerox itself is responsible for servicing the copy machines. Staff of the Printing Centre take care of refilling paper, toner cartridges, etc. and can be contacted if you notice that paper is missing or something is not working correctly.


The Print Center is located on the university campus in builiding 5, room 5-U05.

Open hours during the semester

  For students     For employee
Monday – Tuesday: 08:00 am – 10:00 pm and 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm    08:00 am - 5:00 pm   
Friday:  08:00 am – 10:00 am   08:00 am - 2:00 pm

Open hours during semester break

  For students          For employee
Monday – Friday:     08:00 am – 10:00 pm                                           08:00 am – 12:00 pm  



Contact in case of problems

In case you notice problems with Xerox printers please contact the Print Center.

Telephone: 07121 / 271-1025

Service Level Agreement for the Xerox MultiCentre printers

The Service Level Agreement for the Xerox MultiCentre printers can be downloaded here (German).