IT and Media Services

Your WiFi access does not work? You want to print something, but don't know how and where? You need VPN access? Have you forgotten the password for your university account? Answers to these and other questions as well as instructions on setting up and using IT and media services can be found in the service catalogue of the Computer and Media Centre. Please note: The service catalogue is accessible in the university network without registration and from outside via VPN or after registration with your university account.

bwSync&Share - exchanging and editing data

bwSync&Share is an online storage service for employees and students of colleges and universities in Baden-Württemberg. bwSync&Share offers the possibility of accessing data together, exchanging it with different users and editing it together. Data access is via web browser, registration via Shibboleth.

Further information about bwSync&Share can be found here.


By activating your central university account, all university members receive an e-mail address from Reutlingen University.

Further information and instructions can be found here.


eduroam - WiFi access at other universities

Eduroam (education roaming) provides access to the Internet for members of universities and research institutions. With the university account of Reutlingen University you can log into the WiFi of participating institutions.

Further information and installation instructions can be found here.

DFN Conference Call - Easily create dial-in numbers

The DFN Web Conference Service allows you to create a dial-in number for a conference call. This is how it works:

  1. Log on to the DFN web conferencing service via DFN-AAI.
  2. Click on Mein Profil Meine Audioprofile Neues Profil.
  3. Enter a profile name and click on Profil erstellen.
  4. A telephone number will appear. Tell the participants the dial-in number, date and time of the conference call.

It is not necessary to create a new number for each conference call. Once you have created a telephone number, it can be reused as often as you like.

DFN Sheduler - arrange appointments securely

The DFN Scheduler is a secure tool for scheduling appointments. IP addresses are only stored anonymously and log files are deleted after seven days. The data are stored exclusively in Germany at DFN-Verein, are not passed on to third parties and are not used for any other purpose. An expiry date must be specified for each vote. After the expiration date, all data entered will be completely deleted.

To arrange an appointment, please visit this page:

Further information on the DFN Scheduler can be found here.

VPN - connect with the university network

From home or from other places off campus you can connect to the university´s computer network via VPN to use licensed e-resources and other electronic services. VPN also allows you to surf public WIFI networks securely.

Further information about VPN can be found here.