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Workshops in English

English Grammar and Writing Refresher: SoSe 20

Individual guidance for planning and writing texts in English, such as seminar papers, theses, abstracts, manuscripts or reports.

Possible topics include:

  • Structure and coherence
  • How to strike the right balance between different writing styles
  • What must be borne in mind when writing in English?
  • Tips and exercises to overcome individual problems
  • Formal matters: footnotes, quotations etc.
  • Grammar revision as required

Teacher: Matthew Egger
Time: Individual 45 minute appointments by arrangement. Please contact the teacher by email at least 7 days in advance, giving your preferred appointment time (and an alternative) and a brief indication of the area where guidance is needed:

Improve your English Pronunciation: SoSe 20

This workshop focusses on improving your spoken English, by enabling you to pronounce individual English words and complete sentences more clearly and accurately. You will look at some of the typical difficulties experienced by speakers of different mother tongues, and will practice a number of tailor-made games and exercises to improve the way you pronounce particular words. The International Phonetic Alphabet will enable you to differentiate between confusingly similar sounds, and you will use a number of different exercises to make sure that you stress the correct syllable(s) within the words. You will find out how emphasizing a different word within a sentence can completely change its meaning. Finally, we will look at sentences and longer texts and see how phenomena like linking, elision and assimilation of sounds can make your speech sound smoother. This will all help to improve your presentations and generally give you more confidence when speaking.

Course Code: IfFENGPRON
Teacher: Dr. Jennifer Sturm
Dates: 4 Mondays, 20 April - 11 May
Time: 5:15 - 6:45 pm
Place: Building 20, Room 019
Level: from B1
First Meeting: Monday, 20 April

Please note: if you register for this workshop you will be expected to attend all four meetings. If you cannot attend an individual meeting or wish to withdraw from the workshop altogether, please inform the teacher or the Institute for Foreign Languages: iff@Reutlingen-University.DE . If you just drop out without contacting us you will not be permitted to participate in further workshops.

Register via RELAX from 16 March


Workshops for International Students

Please note: International students are welcome to join our courses and workshops. All courses and workshops found on the English page are suitable for students with little to no knowledge of German (levels A1-A2).
Information about workshops for which more knowledge of German is required can be found on our German page.

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