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Academic Writing in English

English Grammar and Writing Clinic

Individual guidance for planning and writing texts in English, such as seminar papers, theses, abstracts, manuscripts or reports.

Possible topics include:

  • Structure and coherence
  • How to strike the right balance between different writing styles
  • What must be borne in mind when writing in English?
  • Tips and exercises to overcome individual problems
  • Formal matters: footnotes, quotations etc.

Teacher: Sharon Higby
Time: Individual 45 minute appointments by arrangement. Please contact the teacher by email at least 7 days in advance, giving your preferred appointment time (and an alternative) and a brief indication of the area where guidance is needed:

Writing Consultation

Writing Consultation services are aimed at all students at the university. You will receive individual advice and feedback on texts that you have to write as part of your studies (theses, records, reports, etc.). Possible areas of focus include:

• Language and Style

• Understandability

• Structure and organization of the text

• Formal problems

• Tips for writing and creating your own texts

• General feedback on the text

• Strategies for overcoming writer's block

Please Note: The writing consultation service is not a correction service, but rather aims to provide help for you to improve your texts yourself. We do not read and correct complete texts, but will support you with specific questions and problems regarding your texts and provide tips and assistance. The writers themselves are responsible for the finished product.

Use this form if you would like to arrange a consultation appointment!

ContactKarin Bukenberger

Writing Lab: Drop-In Sessions

The Writing Lab offers an opportunity for all students who have questions concerning their written assignments - whether a Bachelor's or Master's thesis, a seminar paper, an application, an internship report etc - to drop in and receive guidance and feedback from an experienced native-speaker trainer. No appointment necessary!

Please note: The Writing Lab will not take place until further notice. Use our form if you would like to make an appointment for a consultation! 

Contact: Karin Bukenberger 

The writing Lab does not offer a correction service. We do not read and revise entire texts, but support you in concrete questions and problems concerning your writing project and give you tips and assistance.

Writing Night

During the Writing Night, from 6pm until midnight, students can work on their Bachelor's, Master's or seminar papers and other texts for their studies and receive support from experts from the Institute for Foreign Languages and from the university library.
We offer writing and research consultations - in both English and German. To help relax inbetween, there will be yoga and massages, and brain food is also provided: drinks, vitamins and snacks are available.
The Writing Night takes place once a year. The date for 2023 has not yet been set.

Literature and Links on Academic Writing

Here you will find our collection of links on Academic Writing in English.

Links to literature in German language can be found on our German page.

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