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Intercultural communication

Information for the winter semester:

Due to the Corona crisis, our courses and workshops will be offered in various formats - classroom, online or hybrid courses - in the winter semester.
All classroom sessions will be conducted in compliance with Reutlingen University’s hygiene concept.
Please note that we will react to current developments throughout the Corona crisis and, if necessary, continue all courses online. Current information from the University Management Team can be found here.

At an international university such as Reutlingen, meetings with international students and teachers are an everyday occurrence. Intercultural competence, the ability to deal with foreignness and differentness, is an important key skill - both here at the university and later in professional life.

The IfF offers students a number of opportunities to develop their intercultural competence and to become active in international matters - please read on for more information.
Registration for the workshops is possible from the start of the semester via RELAX.

Learn about intercultural matters

  • Intercultural training: What is it about other cultures that is so foreign? How do we as Germans come across to others? How do misunderstandings arise, and how should I deal with them? How can I better understand foreign behaviour patterns?
  • Study Strategies and Learning Techniques: Would you like to apply for a job in Germany? Do you have to give a presentation in German? Or do you want to improve your pronunciation and writing skills in English?
  • Workshops on different aspects of the English language and on academic writing in English: Workshops on different aspects of the English language and on academic writing in English: How should I plan and write a piece of academic work? Do you have any questions or any problems regarding writing an application, a seminar paper or your thesis?
  • Tandem programme: Learn a language with a tandem partner.

Get involved internationally

  • Students4Students: Join our buddy programme Students4Students and support international students!

Photo in header: ©Thomas Leitermann

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