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smaRT - study MINT at Reutlingen University

The project 'smaRT - study MINT at Reutlingen University' is a comprehensive package of provisions to improve the study conditions of international Bachelor students who want to graduate from Reutlingen University. smaRT is primarily conceived for international  international students in selected MINT faculties and study programmes at the university. The project aims to do so by identifying the specific challenges international students face and involving the relevant parties at the university in order to provide tailored support and counselling services.

The project is funded by Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

Project Coordination: Lydia-Sophie Dufner

Project Team: Daniela RauscherClara Wankmüller

Student assistants: Aminat Anzorova, Sezin Sevim, Richard Reimche

Offers for international students (winter semester 2021/22)

                                 +++++ NEWS +++++


Thursday, 23 September and Tuesday, 05 October at 8 pm: Night walk followed by Barbecue at a campfire

Meeting point: 8 pm at the Forester’s House Reutlingen (Forsthof)

From the campus we walk together to the Forester’s House Reutlingen, where the night hike through the Reutlingen forest with the forester begins at 8 pm. We will have a small challenge which allows us to discover the region’s native animals, carve barbecue sticks and much more.
At the end, we will have a campfire at which we can sit together with drinks and small snacks. Accompanied by our student assistants or individually, we can walk back to campus.
Places: 20 per date

Monday, 27 September: International Beach Event

Meeting point: 1:30 pm at the beach courts next to the Kreuzeiche stadium.

We will play beach volleyball on the beach courts next to the Kreuzeiche stadium. You can play sports or sit comfortably on our blankets and exchange ideas (at a distance, of course). Music, drinks and snacks will be provided.

Thursday, 30 September at 7 pm: Pub Quiz 

Meeting point: Building 20, room 217

At the Pub Quiz we will spend a cosy quiz evening on campus. In small teams you will answer a colourful mix of questions from many different categories. The team with the most points will receive a prize at the end of the evening.

The pub quiz will be held in English. We are looking forward to many registrations!

Saturday, 02 October: Excursion to Tübingen with punting trip

Meeting point: 11 am at Reutlingen main station

Together with other international students, we will travel from Reutlingen to Tübingen. There we will take a punting trip and learn exciting facts about the city. Afterwards, we can explore the city individually or go out for a drink or a meal together to round off the excursion. 

Fee: 5€ / person

Thursday, 7 October: Learning Centre Tour

Meeting point: Entrance hall Learning Centre (building 3) at 5 pm

Guided tour of the Learning Centre in English; a student assistant will be present - afterwards, you will have the opportunity for a relaxed exchange over drinks and pretzels in the seating area behind the Learning Centre.

Sunday, 10 October: Potluck Dinner at the Listhof

Meeting point: 11:30 am at the Listhof

To help the new international students and the Studens4Students buddies get to know each other better, we are organising a potluck dinner at the „Listhof“. All participants will bring typical dishes from their home countries, which will then be shared with the other participants.

REGISTRATION for the events or own proposals by e-mail to (please name your study programme and home country for further reference)

Different offers:

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