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Interested? There are plenty of good reasons to study in Reutlingen!

Get to know Reutlingen University and discover the lovely area in and around the region of Reutlingen. In addition to excellent teaching in an intercultural environment and an attractive business location, you can expect a region full of natural beauty, cultural treasures and plenty of opportunities to enjoy a diversity of leisure activities.

Reutlingen University – a good choice

Lasting learning success and great career prospects, as well as making new friends and an having unforgettable experience are just some of the the aims and advantages of studying abroad.

Reutlingen University has a lot to offer both its German and its international students to help them achieve these goals, for example:

Information on application and costs can be found here.

Degree programmes at Reutlingen University

Reutlingen University offers Bachelor's and Master's programmes across five faculties:

  • Applied Chemistry
  • ESB Business School
  • Informatics
  • Engineering
  • Textiles & Design

To get an initial overview of the Bachelor's degree programmes at Reutlingen University, click here.

If you are still unsure about which course is the right one for you, or if you need further information about any of our degree programmes, please feel free to contact the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB), as well as the respective course and faculty representatives.

The Central Student Advisory Service is by your side regarding any questions you may have throughout your studies and is always available to help you with any difficulties or problems.

Reutlingen City

Reutlingen is located in the centre of Baden-Württemberg and is surrounded by picturesque landscape. Stuttgart is only about 30 km away and Ulm can be reached in approx. 55 km.

The city of Reutlingen has a great feel-good factor about it. The historic old town invites you to leisurely stroll around and relax. It also offers plenty of opportunities for active leisure activities. For those of you who prefer a more natural setting, explore the wonderful cycling and hiking trails surrounding the town. The Swabian Alps also offer much to explore: extensive forests, idyllic lakes, and a wide range of outdoor activities. Furthermore, the region boasts a rich historical heritage and at the same time, Reutlingen is considered to be the largest economic centre in southern Württemberg. 

We have compiled some more information for you here.

If you would like to find out more about Reutlingen, have a look at the the city's website: Stadt Reutlingen. The Reutlingen tourism website "Tourismus Reutlingen" also has a wealth of tips and ideas for things to do in your free time.  


Baden-Württemberg prides itself on its wide cultural spectrum, historical tourist attractions and the beauty of its countryside. The state is also renowned for its excellent education system and its strong economic standing.   

Baden-Württemberg is a thriving business region and represents innovation and progress. Numerous well-known and globally active companies are located here.

Here you can find more information.

For more detailed information about Baden-Württemberg, click here


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