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During your studies

On this page, we have compiled everything you need to know during your time at university as well as the options for support that the university offers you in order to successfully complete your degree.

All available services for all our students can also be found here.

Do you need help with a problem or some extra tuition? Perhaps you are interested in doing sports, or improving your language skills? Reutlingen University offers a great variety of courses.

Advisory Services

Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences offers all its students a wide range of advice and support in various areas related to their studies.

The Central Study Advisory Service (ZSB)  gives you advice on all study-relevant questions and is always a good first port of call.

You can find advice and support for specific questions about a degree programme on the respective faculties' websites:

We have put together a list of other advisory services offered by the university for you here. You can get an overall overview of the different service units by clicking here.

Language Courses

The Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF) offers intensive courses before the semester starts as well as German courses and numerous workshops throughout the semester, for all international students at the university who want to improve their German language skills.

Further information and an overview of the range of courses on offer can be found by clicking here.

The IfF also offersforeign language courses for students from all semesters.

  • An important part of the smaRT project is our regular 'Get-Together' for international full-time students during each semester. Depending on the pandemic situation, this takes place virtually or in person.
  • Further information about the monthly (virtual) Get-Together for international students can be found on our Instagram account and on the smaRT-project page.  
International Mystery Matching
  • Meet new people at the university by joining the International Mystery Matching. Click here to register.

  • German and international students can register on the university website and sign up for dates. When doing so, they indicate when and how often they would like to participate in the IMM. Pairs are then drawn by lot for the two-person meetings. Both participants receive an invitation with the contact details of their "match partner" two days before their desired date. The meetings can take place in person or virtually. Whether they will go for a walk together, prefer a cup of coffee or will have lunch together is up to them.

Intercultural Communication

The Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF) offers numerous opportunities to acquire intercultural skills and to gain a better understanding of other countries and their cultural structures.

Workshops on studying and working practices are also available.

Click here to find out about the current courses on offer.


Life on campus

Having lunch together in the canteen, enjoying sports, or playing music together in the university orchestra:

If you are looking for something to do on campus, there is so much to choose from!

Learning workshops

If you run into difficulties during your studies, all of our students are welcome to visit the learning workshops, where you can bridge any gaps in your knowledge of maths, physics and chemistry. We also provide support in helping you to write academic papers.

Click here to learn more about our learning workshops.                                                  


If you want to sit exams at the end of a semester, you will need to register for them first.

Click here to find all the relevant information you need to know about exam procedures.

Please also consult the study and examination regulations (Stupro) for your degree course to find out which examinations are compulsory for you.

You can find an overview of all 'Stupros' here.

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