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Questions & Answers

Before the application

How many applications can I submit?

You can submit a maximum of 3 applications. If you are a second degree applicant, then you can only submit one application.

Is the online application sufficient or do I still have to send documents by post?

The application takes place exclusively online.

Is it possible to study without a high school diploma?

Yes, that is possible. You can find more information here.

What is the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DOSV)?

For Bachelor's degree programmes with admissions restrictions at Reutlingen University, admission is coordinated via in the so-called "Dialogorientierte Serviceverfahren - DoSV" for applications for the first semester. Interested parties can apply at various universities. The data are then merged in a database at This makes it possible to coordinate the wishes of the applicants and the selection decisions of the respective universities.

Further information on the dialogue-oriented service procedure is available here.

I am very interested in the Reutlinger Modell. How does the application process work? Are there still places available? When is the deadline?

Application for the Reutlinger Modell is only possible for the summer semester. Further information can be found on the homepage of the Faculty of Engineering.

When am I a second degree applicant?

A second degree applicant is someone who has already completed a degree programme at a German university, university of applied sciences, art/music college or university of teacher education and wants to follow this up with a second undergraduate (not: Master's) degree programme.

I registered with your university last semester, I can no longer log in to the application portal with the old access data.

For the application portal of Reutlingen University, you have to register again every semester after the portal opens. For data protection reasons, all old accounts from the previous semester will be deleted.

Attention! Please register only once with Hochschulstart.

I can no longer log in to HiSinOne, what can I do?

Please report the error immediately via E-Mail to but do not try registering again. Multiple registrations are not permitted and will result in the system preventing you from logging in.

During the application

What does the status of my application mean?

In preparation: The application is saved in the university's application portal, but the application has not yet been submitted by the applicant. The application is not yet eligible to take part in the admission process.

Received online: The application has been submitted to the university in electronic form. The application is not yet eligible of admission and must still be processed by the Admissions Office. 

Valid: The application has been processed by the university and can therefore take part in the admissions process. 

Temporarily excluded: If vital information or documents are missing or incorrect, the application will temporarily excluded. The missing/insufficient documents will be listed in the portal but a more detailled explanation may also be given. If the documents are not submitted by the respective application deadline, the corresponding application will be excluded and will not take part in the admission process. 

Excluded: The application does not meet the time, formal and/or content requirements of the university and  will not take part in the admission process. The subsequent rejection letters (only for Bachelor's degree programmes) are always issued by Hochschulstart. For Master's degree programmes, the rejection letters are prepared and sent out by the university. 

Another offer accepted: The application will not take part in the admission process if an applicant has accepted another offer, a higher-priority offer is available, or the applicant has requested a deferral for another application.

My application has not yet been processed. What now?

We strive to process your application as quickly as possible. 
However, experience shows that the university receives the majority of applications just before the deadlines. Processing may therefore take some time due to the large number of applications.

I have already submitted my application online, now I wanted to correct something. What do I do now?

Please do NOT withdraw the application! Write an e-mail to with the request to correct or upload the data/missing documents for you.

My application was eliminated because I prioritised incorrectly. What now?

This status is permanent and can therefore no longer be changed. If there are still free study spaces available after the admission process is complete, these free spaces will be given away by lottery.

If free spaces are available, futher information will be announced on our website.

I accidentally withdrew my application. How can I resubmit it?

Admission-restricted degree programmes: Please submit the application again on time in the applicant portal of Reutlingen University. 

Admission-free degree programmes: Please send an e-mail to immediately so that we can help you further.

Can I apply for a Bachelor's degree programme with my half-year (midterm) report and submit my final report later?

Yes, but only when applying to the Bachelor's degree programmes International Management (IMX). Your application will only be set to the status "valid" if we have your school leaving certificate by the end of the application period.

For all other Bachelor programmes, a valid application with the half-year (midterm) report is not permitted.

I would like to upload my motivation letter. Where do I do that?

A motivation letter is only required for certain degree programmes. If there is no upload field for it in the portal, it is not required.

I really want to study this bachelor's program, what do I need to consider in advance?

Prioritising the degree programmes though Hochschulstart is extremely important! When granting admission, Hochschulstart is primarily guided by your wishes. To make this possible, it is necessary that you prioritise your applications according to your wishes. Only on the basis of this prioritisation is it possible for Hochschulstart to provide you with the admission that most closely matches your personal preferences.

Please find further information here.

Do I have to have my foreign school certificates or foreign Bachelor's degree certificates recognised?

Yes, foreign degrees must be recognised. For a Bachelor's degree programme, your high school diploma/school leaving certificate must be recognised. For a Master's degree programme, we require the recognition of your Bachelor's degree.

Information on the responsable certificate recognition authorities can be found here.

Is it necessary to have an Austrian school leaving certificate (Matura) recognised by the Studienkolleg Konstanz and is proof of German language proficiency required?

Yes, as the Austrian school leaving certificate (Matura) does not show a German average grade or final grade, we require a certificate from the Studienkolleg Konstanz.

Proof of German is not required for graduates of the university entrance qualification at a German-speaking institution.

How long do I have to submit documents for my application and where do I submit them?

Documents must be received through the application portal by the respective deadline.

In individual cases, subsequent submissions may be sent to

I am still in the process of completing vocational training. How long do I have to submit my certificate?

The certificate of completed vocational training (IHK/HK/apprenticeship diploma) must be submitted by the end of the application period. If applicable, submitting this certificate on time can result in the improvement of your grade.

I will not yet have completed my Bachelor's degree by the application deadline and/or I do not yet have a degree certificate. Can I still be admitted?

If your transcript is not yet available, you can apply with your preliminary overall grade and submit your diploma or a transcript with final grades and total credit points (ECTS) later. Additionally, we also need a copy of the exmatriculation certificate. Both of these documents can be submitted up to four weeks after the start of lectures.

What does "admission-restricted" and "non-admission-restricted" mean?

Certain degree programmes are subject to admission restrictions. Restricted admission means that only a certain number of places are available for the degree programme.

Non-admission-restricted degree programmes are so-called "free" degree programmes for which no admission numbers are set. If the application is fully completed and submitted on time, all applicants who meet the admission and enrollment requirements are offered a place.

What was the NC in the degree programme xyz in the last semester?

The respective NC values are only recalculated during the current admission process. No information or forecasts can be given in advance!

When does the admission process for study places begin?

As a rule, the admission process begins within the first few weeks after the application deadline.

As an international applicant, do I have to fill out the information form on tuition fees and submit it with my application?

No, it is not compulsory to fill in the information form, but you will be liable to pay tuition fees if you do not submit the form or if no fee exception applies to you.

What language level is required for the degree programme and what language certificates are accepted?

Depending on the degree programme, the required language skills vary. Please inform yourself about the selection criteria and language requirements of the respective degree programme. A list of accepted certificates can be found here.  

Please note that language certificates are only valid for five years, with the exception of proof of language ability through a school certificate or completed degree programme.

Admission & Enrolment

What does the status of my enrolment mean?

Offer of admission awarded: You have received an offer of admission and must now accept this offer via Hochschulstart. Applicants for Master's degree programmes must apply for enrolment directly through the applicant portal.

Admitted: You have accepted the offer of admission and must now submit your admission request and the documents via postal mail before the given deadline. 

Admission currently not possible: No offer is currently possible for the application. This is not yet to be regarded as a final rejection and may still change in the course of the procedure.

Request for enrolment submitted: You have applied for enrolment. You must now print out and sign the application for enrolment and send it with the required documents to Reutlingen University by the deadline. 

Enrolment request received and being processed: We have received your enrolment application by post. It is being processed by the Admissions Office. Please check the applicant portal regularly to see if we still need any documents from you. 

Enrolled: You have been enrolled and are now a student at Reutlingen University. As soon as this happens, new access data for your student account will be generated. This means that the old access data for the application portal will become invalid. Do not be surprised if you can no longer log in to the application portal after enrolment. You will receive the new login data and a student ID card by post.

What is an officially certified/authenticated copy and who can carry out a certification?

An officially certified/authenticated copy is the official confirmation that the copy made is a copy of the original document.

Official certification can be carried out by any authority in the Federal Republic of Germany (e.g. district office, municipal or city administration) or in the European Union. Notaries can also certify documents. If a document contains several pages, each page must contain a certification mark or the pages must be fan-stamped. Authentications from banks, health insurance companies, etc. can NOT be accepted.

Can I also send my certified copies to the university via E-Mail?

No, the certified document in paper form must always be sent by post or deposited in the letterbox in front of Building 3 at Reutlingen University. The certification is no longer valid when the document is scanned or duplicated.

I have already submitted my health insurance certificate but the application portal still says that it is missing. Why?

Your submitted proof of health insurance is not sufficient. If you have statutory health insurance, we require an insurance certificate for enrolment at a university from a statutory health insurance company.

If you are privately insured, we require an exemption certificate from a statutory health insurance company. A membership certificate is not sufficient.

How long do I have to pay and submit the documents for enrolment? To which bank account should I transfer the semester fees?

If you have received an offer of admission from us, you can download your admission letter from the university's application portal. In the admission letter, you will find the deadline for your enrolment and on the 2nd page you will find our bank details. All documents required for your enrolment as well as the payment must be submitted by this deadline.

For degree programmes with open/non-restricted admission: You will receive our bank details after you have submitted your application for enrolment and all other required documents (except proof of payment, of course). These documents will be checked and if you meet the requirements for the study programme, we will send you our bank details via E-Mail.

Where can I find my admission/rejection letter?

You can access your admission letters directly in the application portal of Reutlingen University.

Please note that admission letters are not sent by post. Rejection letters for Bachelor programmes are available online through Hochschulstart and those for Master's degree programmes are generated and sent out via post by the university. 

The admission letter says that I should transfer the semester fees, but I have already re-registered. Do I still have to transfer the money?

No, if you are already studying at the university and are re-registered for the coming semester, you do not have to transfer the money. The admission and payment for the new degree programme will be merged with your old student ID number. In this case, please enclose proof of payment in the form of a screenshot of your re-registration.

Who has to pay tution fees in Baden-Württemberg?

International students who are citizens of non-EU countries are obligated to pay tuition fees amounting to 1,500 EUR per semester. In addition, tuition fees of 650 EUR per semester apply to students taking up a second degree programme.

Can I be exempted from the tuition fee obligation?

Yes, it is possible. You can find further information on our homepage. If an exception applies to you, send us the relevant form together with the required evidence in due time.

Are there any preparatory courses before the start of the semester?

Yes, there are several preparatory courses. Please find detailed information here.

I do not want to accept the place I have been offered. How can I inform you?

If you do not wish to accept your place, you can reject in in the application portal in the "To my Applicaton" section by clicking on the "Withdraw application" button.

If you have already paid semester fees to us, we addionally need an e-mail confirming that you do not wish to accpet the place and giving your bank details (IBAN, BIC, account holder and name of your bank). If the semester has already begun, please use the de-registration form. 

Will I receive back all the money I have paid if i withdraw from the University?

The Administration Fee will be reimbursed to you in full if you withdraw within one month of the start of lectures. If you withdraw later than this, then no reimbursement will be possible.

In order to reclaim the Social Fee for Student Services (Studierendenwerksbeitrag) you will need to apply directly to the Studierendenwerk in Tübingen. If a student has already paid the Semester Contribution, but then does not take up his or her study place, the Contribution will be reimbursed by the Constituted Student Body (Verfasste Studierendenschaft). In such cases students must make sure that their claim reaches the Constituted Student Body within one month.

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