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What is the Dialogue-oriented Service Procedure (DoSV)?

For Bachelor's degree programmes with admissions restrictions at Reutlingen University, admission is coordinated via in the so-called "Dialogorientierte Serviceverfahren - DoSV" for applications for the first semester.

The procedure is called dialogue-oriented because you as an applicant must also actively participate in the procedure after submitting your application: For example, you can subsequently rank your applications in a new order. Or you can accept an offer of a study place.

Interested parties can apply at various universities. The data are then merged in a database at This makes it possible to coordinate the wishes of the applicants and the selection decisions of the respective universities. It is possible to respond immediately to application requests. Free or vacant study places at various universities can be assigned immediately.

As soon as you have accepted an offer, you irrevocably withdraw all other applications from the current procedure in the DoSV and will receive a letter of acceptance. You then have to enroll within the deadline specified in the admission notice.

Further information on the dialogue-oriented service procedure is available here.

Are there any preparatory courses before the start of the semester?

There are Mathematics, Language and Physics courses, click here for more information.

Furthermore, the Institute for Foreign Languages (IfF) offers intensive courses in German as a Foreign Language before the start of each semester for international students of the University. Click here for more information.

Who has to pay tuition fees in Baden-Württemberg?

For more information concerning tuition fees click here.

How do I apply to become a guest student?

If you can demonstrate that you are appropriately qualified or artistically gifted, you may be allowed to attend individual classes, provided that spaces are available. Guest students are not allowed to take examinations. Any marks or grades awarded to you while you are a guest student will not count towards a degree programme.

Contact the Student Office to apply to become a Guest Student: StudienServiceCenter

You may apply at any time to become a Guest Student. Please include an up to date CV and your University Entrance Qualification (High School Diploma, Baccalaureate etc.) with your application.

Please note: The term “guest student” does not refer to international students. Prospective international students should click here.

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