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Studying without an Abitur

It is also possible to study for a degree in Baden-Wuerttemberg without an Abitur (standard German university entrance qualification). If you do not have the usual university entrance qualifications, but have successfully completed basic or advanced vocational training, you may be qualified to enter a degree programme at our university.

Applicants who have a vocational qualification at the level of Master (or similar) may enter a University as well as students holding an Abitur from a secondary, grammar or high school.

Applicants with other vocational qualifications with at least two years’ training and in general three years’ vocational experience may also enter the university under special conditions: the applicant may enter a degree programme in a similar or relevant subject after passing a suitability test. In both cases, an advisory interview at a university is necessary.

Qualification Test

Qualification tests are carried out for Reutlingen University by Constance University. If you wish to take a qualification test, please apply to us or to the university at which you wish to study. Your application will be passed on to Constance University. The university partially covers the cost of the qualification test. In mid June, a bill in the amount of 200 Euros will be issued to the applicant to cover the remaining costs of the test.

The application date for qualification tests is the 15th of March in any given year.
Qualification tests are carried out once a year at Constance University in May. The results of the test for working applicants will be sent to Reutlingen University in mid-June.

Further information about qualification tests can be obtained under Constance University.
There is no quota for applicants without an Abitur in the allocation of student places. These applicants are considered in the normal way in the allocation procedure.

Applications without an Abitur
    • Send us your application online. If the online application procedure is not activated, please request a written application form by e-mail.
    • In parallel, organise an appointment for an advisory interview concerning your choice of subject with the School offering the degree programme you wish to enter. After this interview, you will receive a certificate. Please submit this certificate along with your application.
  • Send your complete application documents on time to Reutlingen University.

International applicants with non-German qualifications please click here.

Photo in the header by Cole Keister/unsplash

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